Why Ukrainian ladies love foreigners?

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It is the fact that lots of Ukrainian ladies have become really interested in having relationships and getting married to the foreigners. It seems like all of the sudden, foreigners have become like an endangered species for them and they all want to get a piece of that. And if you happen to be someone from European decent, you might be adored by Ukrainian ladies. But, what is the reason for all that fuss over someone who is from another country? So, the question above seems pretty legit.

Finances come first

First off, it is important to stress out that most of the men, who visit Ukraine, are usually those that originate from eastern countries and cultures, such as Turks, Arabs, as well as men from Caucasus region. Guys in Ukraine look all the same and sometimes it is interesting to see a man who looks differently, behaves differently and sees the life differently. And since each of those countries is doing financially better than Ukraine, it isn’t so hard to see the first reason why Ukrainian ladies are interested in marrying a foreigner. The social and gender roles teach Ukrainian ladies to pay attention to the fact if a man is able to provide them with a good financial status and a good life, first and foremost.

Education or family?

The next important reason why Ukrainian women are so into men from other countries is because of the way they are treated by them. As most of the women in Ukraine is not highly educated and they tend to have lots of children, they are usually treated like in most of the traditional countries. Since, Ukrainian girls are somewhere in between old traditional ways and modern society, they usually get the double treatment at home. And when they do decide to leave Ukraine, they get better treatment and are pretty pleased. Also, if a woman manages somehow to get educated and finish college, she is considered old (at the age of 25), because most of them get married early, which is also a part of their culture. That instantly decreases her chances of finding a decent man, because most of them are already married.


Marriage problems

The last thing on this list is the fact that, when they do manage to earn money and gain some social status, along with that comes also having a lover. Having a great car, house in the hills, and really expensive vacation locations- that is only the beginning. And when men in Ukraine cheat, they don’t hide, because the society is formed in that way, that they all talk about it. That is pretty nerve-wracking for women from Ukraine. That also doesn’t mean that men in other countries don’t cheat, and that they are instantly better because of that, but that they do it with more discretion. Also, according to some sources and experiences, there are men in Ukraine, as in any other country, that beat on their wives. Those ladies are more than eager to leave the life they have and try their luck in another place with another man.

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