A restroom hookup is fun: Safe sex in a public place

Not only young people, but also adult and mature folks find it awesome to have sex in unexpected places on a way home. The restroom in a restaurant or cinema suits perfectly!

Don’t lose your mind though. There are some useful warnings and preoccupations one should remember.

  1.  Make sure your partner wants that as well. Certain people are squeamish.
  2. Have the antiseptic with you. Restrooms are sexy but they’re the dirtiest places.
  3. Wear easily accessible clothes and underwear, or it might become a problem.
  4. Practice quieter sex with less screaming, since there are many people around.
  5. Start the foreplay during the dinner or the movie, then you two will be prepped.
  6. A woman should avoid too much makeup or jewellery, it’ll bother a lot.
  7. A restroom hookup can be three-ways, all of them add some extreme.
  8. Once you started, help you and your partner come, even if smth went wrong.
  9. Learn to ignore the crowd, if it’s suddenly there. Check the door latch in advance.
  10. Act normally when you two go out. Use the mirror to make sure all is fine.

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