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Beautiful young sexy blond girl with long curly hair with a bright evening make-up, wearing a slinky silk pink dress high heels a little blue bag necklace, wealth and luxury, party background baroque.When it comes to dating women from different cultures, there is a lot to be taken into consideration. Some men like more liberal women, who love showing off their bodies and flirting and some men are more interested in those who are pursuing their career and showing their strength in that aspect. And it is more than natural that different cultures and their women get compared with each other. Here are some points where one regular guy from a western country can see the difference between women from his own country and women from Ukraine.

  1. First of all, there is appearance. Women from western countries are more leaning towards loose clothes, while Ukrainian ladies tend to show off their curves and wear clothes that accentuates their figure and shows some skin. For people from western countries, they are often described as “dressed up like prostitutes”, because they are showing off their sexuality, which is only done by prostitutes in the West. Still, this kind of dressing up makes Ukrainian ladies appear more feminine and curvier than ladies from western countries.
  2. Career is the second thing that is a lot different in these two cultures. While women in West are more focused on being successful in business world, trying to achieve the equality with the men, girls in Ukraine have totally different approach. They aren’t so interested in having a career, and they don’t identify themselves through their career. They see themselves more in the role of housewife. They don’t feel the need to be equal with men in that aspect and they would rather stay at home, raising the kids.young beautiful woman with bare shoulders
  3. Social gender roles are also different. In western countries it is usual to see a woman behaving like a man, having the same rights as any man, which is exactly why they don’t have those old and traditional courting customs any more. They are equal in the eyes of the society. But, Ukrainian girls are more comfortable in taking on the typical female role from the countries that are more traditional. They love being stay at home moms, while their men are expected to bring the dinner to the table and providing them with a better life, both financially and emotionally. That is one of the main differences between girls from Ukraine and American women and that is one of the main problems with men who are having relationships with Ukrainian ladies. It always seems to them as if Ukrainian girls are using them, but they are just seeing the world in a different way and have different expectations from each other.
  4. Taking the first step during approaching, dating, in the relationship in general is also done differently with these two groups of girls. Ukrainian ladies have more freedom and they are used to flirting with men in their country. So, it is the bigger probability that an Ukrainian girl will approach first to the man she finds attractive. Unlike them, women from America are more passive and they are playing the role of a princess that needs to be won over. But, as they are equal with the men in their country, there is no prince charming that is willing to try to win them over.. or at least there are few of them.

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These differences are just a few of them and they are here just as a guidelines for all those who are interested in getting to know and date Ukrainian ladies. There are some differences they will have to get accustomed to, in order to have a great relationship with Ukrainian girls. The only question is, who will find which character combination more suitable to his needs?


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