Anti-scam lesson on dating sites in Ukraine

dating sites in UkraineAs in real life, there are lots of scams in the virtual world who are more than eager to take your money and disappear, leaving you to wonder what happened. Their only goal is to get as much money as they can get out of you and vanish. That is exactly why we have some tips on what not to do while navigating the on-line dating sites.

First, and most important thing is- always check if the person you are chatting with is genuine. How can you do that? There are lots of con artists that will present them in a certain way, using the same sentences, usually a prefabricated text that is already known to get mens attention and give them hope. This is an easy thing to check. Copy the text from the description box and paste it into the Google search tool. If it matches on more than few sites, that is one of the signs that it might be fake and that someone dirty is behind it. There are lots of cases when either there isn’t a girl on the other side of the screen or she isn’t as she presents herself to be. In either case, you are being scammed.

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Then you have a situation like this: she is really looking forward to seeing you and coming to your country, but she is short on money. So, you offer to send her some money. That is the genuine mistake and con artists are counting on it. And at first, you might decide to ignore this and send her money. But, what do you do when that starts repeting itself? There are lots of scammers that are using these kind of situations to get money from you. Also expect to get comments like “she had to give her poor mother the money” or “her uncle/relative/someone had a surgery and she needed to pay for it”, so she doesn’t have the money again. Those are typical situations that will create compassion and feeling of guilt and you might want to send more, in order to help her. But, what you are really doing is sending money to a person you don’t even know and that person is really taking advantage of you. To avoid even getting a bit dragged into all of that, try and talk her into a video chat as soon as possible.


Thirdly, there is also problem with sending gifts. It is similar thing as with sending money, but in this case, some ukraine dating agency might have the deal with the person that is presenting herself as girl available for dating, then selling the gifts she gets and split the cash. It does sound as conspiracy theory, indeed, but the fact is that things like these really do happen. And before you manage to get your head wrapped around what is going on you might be left without cash.

Those are just some of the situations that can occur. These are the most often to come across, and you should pay attention to. The truth is, that on-line dating isn’t that bad, and it might just be the right thing for you to find your soul mate, but you do have to pay a lot of attention to avoid scams like these.

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