Dating Web Sites and Marriage Agencies – what is the difference?

Ukrainian ladiesThere are hundreds of men in the world who think about marriage with a Ukrainian woman. Some guys just want to discover whether it might be an option for them. Either way they stand before a problem, which service they should choose. There are not many services that are absolutely free of charge, so a man will usually have to pick just one that he will be paying for. Many guys are wondering how to chose whether they should go to a dating website or a marriage agency. Frankly saying, the difference is not clearly distinguishable and it really depends on how one or another company calls their service. However, there are some basic differences.

Way of doing business

When it comes to a marriage agency, they work as the intermediaries between the Ukrainian ladies and the foreigners looking to start dating a Ukrainian. Often they are the middle chain between you and the lady even when it comes to the correspondence. You write a letter to them, the marriage agency translates it and sends to the Ukrainian girls. When they write back, you get another translated letter. Some agencies offer the translation for free and some charge a fee for it. Their main idea is to set up marriages. They do a lot of work from their office. Whereas the dating websites do not have a fixed purpose to arrange marriages. It can be a way to communicate with the Ukrainian women. The men, who are not yet a hundred percent sure that they want to marry a Ukrainian girl, can also benefit from the service. Dating websites work more like e-commerce enterprises. You purchase a membership and you get access to certain services, like email, chatting and video calls with the ladies. In other cases you can purchase the credits and use them for those services. Whereas the marriage agencies set up their offers differently. Usually you have to talk to the agent to determine what kind of service fits the best for you and you pay according to the package that you purchase.

Ukrainian bride

The spectrum of services

Another difference between a marriage agency and a dating website is the variety of services. Dating websites, mostly offer a mean of communication to make first contact and to socialize with the Ukrainian women. Some websites have a particular theme, such as sex dating, single parents’ dating or, in some cases, also marriage. However, you do not necessarily need to have that serious intention to be a user of the dating website. The website owners just create an opportunity to meet Ukrainian ladies, and the rest is up to you. Marriage agencies are designed for people who want to have a family. They are willing to assist you through the whole process, from the moment of the first contact all the way to helping your Ukrainian bride to move to your country. They are trying to facilitate the procedure of you getting to know the lady and whenever you decide to come to Ukraine, you can get all the assistance that you need. Among the services that marriage agencies offer is the interpretation, you can hire a translator who will make  sure and the Ukrainian woman understand each other. Before your visit, the agency can arrange a meeting with the chosen lady. They would tell her about you and show your photo, to see if she is interested. They can help you to rent an apartment, car and a phone, and  organize the dates. Some companies have an option to arrange a meeting with several ladies in one trip. Of course, for every service you have to pay an extra fee.


Is it worth to pay money to marriage agencies?

Ukrainian wivesThis is surely one of the topics that generates very different opinions, and there is no definite answer. Men who have found their Ukrainian wives through a marriage agency, for whom everything went quite smoothly, would probably recommend it. Guys, who do not have a lot of time to spend organizing the trip, who can spare 30-100 extra bucks for every move that the agency will make, might really benefit from this. On the other hand, nowadays, with all the online services available, travelling to Ukraine is not that complicated even if you decide to go to one of the smaller towns. You can find hotels, apartments, and restaurants online. If you trust it to a marriage agency you can never  be sure that you are actually getting the best deal or you are overpaying their partners for something that you could have got much cheaper. If you do it by yourself, then you can always read for reviews on the websites that you trust. Let us be honest – having some to pick a phone up for you and book a table, is probably not worth twenty dollars. Finally, even if you decide to consult a marriage agency, you have to choose with a great care. There have been a lot of situations when people have been scammed. There are some dishonest companies that will require to prepay for their services and once you arrive on spot, you will discover that this company does not exist at all. Of course, lately these kind of incidents has become more rare, but those who still practice this scam, have become very professional. You might never tell that something is wrong until it is too late. Whether you are using a dating website or a marriage agency, make sure you study the reviews and look for through their anti-scam policy.

As always, it is very personal, you might like someone to do most of the work for you, or you might enjoy the free flow of the communication and manage the rest. There are some very decent marriage agencies out there and some great dating websites, where with the highest level of transparency.

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