Dating woman from Ukraine: pros and cons

Attractive young woman wearing a traditional Dirndl dress with cotton candy floss at the Oktoberfest.Every person has a different taste when it comes to clothing, going out, working, and especially when it comes to choosing a partner for life. Some people try to stick to the women from their culture, counting on all the things they have in common and reactions that are similar, due to the same culture and environment. But some people love exploring new cultures and new customs, experiencing new life styles and they usually get drawn to the women from another culture. That is why we have a list of how Ukrainian ladies behave, with all their pros and cons, as well as those situations that might be totally neutral or take one side depending on the some other culture.

  1. Looks. The appearance is really important to Ukrainian ladies. They look after their body a lot, workout and walk a lot. That is why they have amazing figured bodies, muscle tone as well as jaw dropping curves. But, that isn’t all. They have the reputation of putting an extra effort into getting their make up and hair done before they go out on the streets. For a man that isn’t used to this kind of living, this much time spent on just preparations to go out might be stressful and a negative point. But, if you come from the culture where ladies also enjoy in dedicating time to looks, you will see this as a really great positive thing.
  1. Clothing. When it comes to dressing up, Ukrainian ladies have a very specific taste. Everything that is flashy, shows skin a bit and accentuates their feminine curved bodies is more than welcome. Some from other cultures might call their dressing style “over the top” or “like a prostitute”, which isn’t a good thing. Those kind of comments usually come from the people from the western cultures. Some other would say that they are dressed as “femme fatal” and very provocative and flirty. Still, it depends from the point of view and culture you are raised in, how you will see this- as a good or bad thing.
  1. Gender roles. Ukraine is a pretty modern country when it comes to expectations from women and men. They don’t have problems with seducing and flirting, as there are no fear of getting attacked because of exposing some sexuality. Still, as they don’t have fixed gender roles in the society, it is noticed that both gender tend to take over those roles that are typical for the countries and cultures that are a bit more traditional, like Turks or Arabs, for example. Women are leaning more towards taking on the role of a housewife, which will stay at home and do the house chores, while the man is at work. For men that are used to seeing women from the western culture, which are more modern and are looking for their independence, dating an Ukrainian lady in this case might seem like a drag and look as if she is taking an advantage. But, if you come from the country that has the similar way of thinking, you will find this quality a bonus when it comes to dating Ukrainian girls.The girl on a hayloft
  1. Expectations. As the gender roles are taken by genders themselves, there are also some expectations that come along with that. Since the women are taking on a more “housewife” role, being devoted mothers, preparing meals and cleaning the house, it is expected of men to take the dominant role in that story. A man in Ukraine, or at least in the eyes of Ukrainian ladies, is the one to go to work, earn money and “bring the food to the table”. Also, he is to be their provider and protector. And not only that. He is also there to give them moral support, be there and be the shoulder ladies can lean on and count on. He is expected to possess those “manly” characteristics- dominance, leadership skills, but also ability to express emotions when needed. For some men these requests might seem a lot, and to much trouble over nothing. And for some, this is the best thing ever, because their culture is probably has the same views on the gender roles.

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