Differences between Ukrainian and Russian women

choice is a Ukrainian womanWe all live on the same planet, but there are certainly some differences between us all. Some of them are cultural and they are the ones which are the most obvious. Those differences depend on how and where we were brought up and what our parents have taught us.

Most of the men think that all the women of the Earth are the same, but the truth is that they might seem to be the same, but being born in another country brings out some differences.

This article will focus on the differences between the American and Ukrainian women.

You will hopefully learn something new and realize just how great Ukrainian women are.

– Basics and dating

It is a well-known fact that the American women have been affected by feminism for around 100 years. As much as feminism had helped them it also caused some problems.

Nowadays American women are focused on their careers and showing everyone that they can be independent. While that is admirable it causes the men to have less chances of courting them.

The days when a man could be a gentleman are gone. Small acts of chivalry are treated like aggression and everything a man does can be considered as being sexually aggressive.

Ukrainian ladies are a different story. They are traditional and expect their man to behave in the same way.

Ukrainian women enjoy feeling safe with their man and they love it when a man is acting chivalrous.

If you were to open a door for a Ukrainian woman she would thank you, while the most American women would take it as something offensive.

Ukrainian ladies love it when a man takes on a more traditional role of a man.

American women don’t care much about manners, while Ukrainian do.

Portrait of beautiful young woman in the Ukrainian national clot

– Marriage

We had written that American women love to show off how independent they are. They like to think and act as if no one is a boss of them. They think and act as if every decision they make is their own.

American women don’t think that they need a man to make their life complete. This means that many American women are giving up on marriage. They are not afraid to put everything behind their goals and plans, and the same goes for family and friends.

Even when they do get married they try to control the man as much as it is possible, while thinking that they can do anything they please.

Of course, not all American women are like this, but those who are not are getting pretty rare.

On the other hand, Ukrainian ladies are good wives and amazing russian brides. They live for the day when they will stand in front of an altar with a man they love. Ukrainian ladies want to find a man with whom they can have a family. They need a man who will be their partner in life, with whom they can talk about anything they want and someone who will take care of them.

Ukrainian ladies enjoy being together with their partner and they think of the marriage as working as a team. Decisions are made together and the basis of marriage is trust and support.


Girl on stone

This article was written not to berate American women, but to show what to expect when marrying a Ukrainian women. There are many American women who would like a traditional family, but the feminists outnumber them greatly.

If you would like to live with a wife who wants a family, who wants to be your partner in sickness and in health, someone who will respect you and be there when you need her, then the obvious choice is a Ukrainian woman.

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