Direct VS Indirect Methods of Meeting Ukrainian Women

There are two methods when it comes to meeting a woman for dating/marriage: I) You join a dating website/app/marriage agency and find someone; II) you meet someone from your social circle.

  • The first method is called direct approach. The direct approach has pros and cons. Some very obvious pros are: 1) The purpose is direct, simple and clear – you and the Ukrainian woman both know what’s going on. 2) It’s very effective because people you meet through this method are already filtered by the method itself – they are also looking for someone to date/hook up with/marry. 3) It’s efficient because everyone knows why you are on a dating site/app/marriage agency’s database – there is no need to play games – you get what you are looking for. However, this method also has many disadvantages: 1) The risk is higher when you meet a Ukrainian lady through the direct approach because when you start a relationship without any prior emotional investment/understanding/mutual interest, you’ll need to ask why this Ukrainian beauty wants to be with you. 2) Do you really think high-quality Ukrainian stunners need to join a dating site/app/marriage agency? – They are already surrounded by choices if they are true high-value girls from Ukraine. 3) Without a friendship first, are you sure you and this beauty from Ukraine really have anything in common apart from the fact that both of you are looking for a partner? Many couples are married, but they are not even friends because they only talk about logistics & have nothing else to say to each other!

Having outstanding social skills is a huge advantage these days because most people are swiping left or right via URL – if you are a good conversationalist IRL, you instantly look more attractive in today’s day and age.

  • The second method is called indrect approach. The indirect approach also has pros and cons. Its pros include: 1) Because you meet this Ukrainian girl through your social circle, there is existing social proof, i.e. you probably have mutual friends. If your friend is also her friend, at least you know she is not a crazy woman. 2) Meeting ladies from Ukraine through your social circle improves your social skills, so you can benefit from your new skills in other ways as well, e.g. you will become a more competent conversationalist/networker. In other words, your social skills can also help you with your career/business. 3) Meeting women from Ukraine through your social circle means you build a friendship with her first. When you know you two can be very good friends, it’s much easier to start a relationship with her because you know you two will get along no matter you are a couple or not, which is a very healthy place to be. In fact, being good friends is the most important part in a relationship – you have to be good friends first, and then you add intimacy to the dynamics, right? Having said that, the indirect approach also has some problems: 1) It’s less efficient because meeting a hot woman through social circle takes time. 2) It’s less effective because you will need to know this woman a bit more before you start a relationship with her – you may lose her before you even begin to date her. 3) If you and your Ukrainian girlfriend break up, you may even lose your mutual friend.

Which approach do you prefer? Please feel free to discuss this with me:

(Written by Jade Seashell)

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