Foreigner in Ukraine: meeting women

meeting-womenGetting to know and dating women that originate from Ukraine is a new rising trend that has started a couple years ago. Why is that? Because of their amazing looks, unusual nature and interesting mix of culture and modern behavior. More and more men are interested in dating Ukrainian women. So, the best way to see them and experience dating in the right way is to go to Ukraine and meet some of them in their everyday environment.

There are two things that you have to take into consideration right at the beginning of your adventure:

  1. do you know the language or not?
  2. how often are you in Ukraine?

Depending on what the answers are, the outcomes might be totally different.

Let’s begin with the assumption that you don’t speak the language and you are in Ukraine for the first time. Since you look like a tourist, which you are in this case, you will want to visit a lot of places in order to get some contact with the local girls. First start with pubs and clubs like Irish Pub or TGI Friday’s . They are always visited by foreigners and by lots of Ukrainian women and ladies that speak English. That way you won’t have to explain everything you want by waving with your hands and by mimicking. And it will be a lot easier. And if it happens that you are dressed a bit more formally and have a nice Australian or British accent, they might just approach you themselves. Ukrainian girls are totally dazzled by those accents, still, an American or Scottish accent might do the same trick. You can also visit some local clubs that are known to be visited by foreigners as well. Besides that, you can visit all those important places, where tourist guides usually take tourists to. The way of thinking is the same as with pubs and clubs. You only need to search for the place that is visited by Ukrainian ladies who are speaking your language or English. And you need to be more active with drawing their attention, because you don’t have a friend there to set you up, so the work is all on you.

Portrait of a beautiful young woman, shallow depth of field

Second assumption is that you are more or less familiar with their language or with Russian. That helps out a bit, because the communication will be going better. Also, you can brighten your horizon to pretty much any club or bar in the city, as well as lots of other places where you can see and meet Ukrainian women. Since the language isn’t such a barrier, the only thing you need to pay attention to is to get their attention, as explained in the previous section.

Third assumption would be that you aren’t a resident in Ukraine, but you do come often (maybe occasionally work there) and you do know the language. You got used to the people, you know the culture and you feel pretty much like at home. For those people, getting to know Ukrainian ladies is a bit harder. Why? Well, because of their gender roles, which they take on by themselves, women tend to socialize only with other women. They see the opposite sex as potential romance as well as relationship and marriage, and tend to hang out with the same sex as friends. Seeing a male-female friendship in Ukraine is a bit out of the box and isn’t something Ukrainian ladies would do as easily.  So, the only girls you can get to know are those who aren’t dating, aren’t in relationship and are looking for a man.

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