Four signs that your Ukrainian woman is a scammer

brideukrainkasA lot of men are wondering whether they are talking to a real Ukrainian woman on a dating website. It is understandable, some people had their money scammed off of them and it is normal that some worry about it.

It is never a pleasant feeling to know that you fell for a scam. After all, you trusted someone enough to send them your money, and now you are left with some money gone and with a bruised ego.

Most of the men are too ashamed to admit that something like this has happened to them, that’s why the figures seem to be much lower than they really are.

What can you do in order to avoid being scammed?

– Never send out your personal information

– Don’t send money to the people you are not sure exist

– Do not fall for sob-stories

– Do not blindly trust anyone

– Try not to let your emotions get the better of you

– Learn the signs which point that you are dealing with a scammer

This article will deal with the fourth point – learning how to tell whether the Ukrainian woman you are talking to is really who she claims to be or if someone is trying to scam you.



  1. She looks too perfect to be true

One of the easiest ways to tell whether a profile is fake is to check out the pictures on it. If you find a profile filled with pictures which depict an extremely beautiful ukraine woman and the pictures seem to be taken by a professional, then you probably aren’t dealing with a real woman.

Scammers like to use pictures of extremely attractive ladies because they know what all the men want. Do not fall into that trap.

If you see that she looks like a super model and all of the pictures seem to be taken by a pro, you should try your luck with someone else.

  1. She is asking for money

This is also one of the easiest ways to tell that you are dealing with someone who is trying to scam you.

Even if she is real and not a scammer, would you like to be with a woman who is only interested in your money? Of course not, so if you stumble upon a Ukrainian lady who seems to be only interested in your money, move on and look for someone else.

  1. She doesn’t want you to hear her voice

Most of the scammers are men, that’s why they won’t want to talk to you when you offer to give them a call. If you ever get suspicious that you are dealing with someone who wants to scam you, just offer to call her and talk to her. If she says no, then stop communicating with “her”.

With that said, not all the scammers are men, even if she does agree to a call there might be something fishy going on. This brings us to the fourth point.


  1. She doesn’t want to be seen

If you are suspicious, ask her if she is interested in a video call. Nowadays everyone has the technology necessary for it. It is easy, fast and everyone knows how to do it. If she doesn’t want you to see her, then she might be a scammer afraid of having her, or his identity revealed.

Even if you are not dealing with a scammer, would you like to be with someone who doesn’t even want you to see her?

These four tips will help you with not only identifying scammers, but with knowing which Ukrainian woman is serious about a relationship and marriage and which one isn’t.

Remember to keep your guard up, don’t fall for fake accounts and always use your brain – if something seems too good to be true – then it probably is, and you should find someone else.

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  • vilas says:

    hi, i am talking with one luhansk girl since 2 months back , she did not showed me her face she did not talk on phone , skype, facebook , she says its prohibited in luhansk ,

    but she did not asked me for money yet , and she shay i do not want money from u ,

    but we r not able to talk , i do not understand whether she is fake or not ???

    if anybodys want suggest any thing u can

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