How Brilic introduced a Ukrainian bride to me

pretty Ukrainian girl

Yes, I know it. You are wondering… who the hell is Brilic? Well, frankly, it’s not a person’s name; it’s an international dating app that I used in order to meet my Ukrainian wife. And it worked!

  • What I did before starting this journey: In fact, I was married to an American woman when I was younger. I met her at university and we were dating for four years. After graduation, I proposed to her and we got married very quickly. However, the marriage didn’t go very well – She was more like a competitor rather than a wife in my life because she always wanted to prove that she was better than me in almost every way, including teaching me how to perform in the bedroom. Honestly, every man has an ego, including me. What she did at that time hurt me a lot and I really didn’t enjoy that marriage. Although we went to see a marriage counsellor for many times, the situation didn’t improve, so in the end, we got a divorce when I was 29 years old. At that time, I read a lot of books about personal development, including astrology. And I learned the theory of Saturn return – Wow, it was so eye-opening. The book about astrology literally said I might consider getting a divorce at the age of 29 and the author was absolutely right. Indeed, I got a divorce before I turn 30 years old.
Ukrainian wife
  • My journey of finding an Eastern European wife is a long and winding road. As I read many books written by Roosh V, I realized that Eastern European women probably suit me more because I really want to find a traditional wife who is pretty, feminine and caring. Unlike most American women that I know, the majority of Eastern European girls are slim, gorgeous and nurturing. Therefore, I decided to marry an Eastern European lady when I was 32 years old. That decision changed my life forever: I became a freelancer (a writer and a translator) so that I could have a location independent job and live wherever I want. As a result, I moved to Ukraine where the cost of living is much lower. My lifestyle was like this: Every day, I woke up at 6am and worked on my laptop for 7 hours; I went out for lunch at 1pm and chatted up Ukrainian girls in coffee shops or restaurants (I often went to different places for lunch so that I could meet different Ukrainian women) – some of these women were happy to give me their phone numbers & some of them were happy to have an instant date with me. I follow up in the afternoon, meaning I either go out for dates or call/text Ukrainian ladies in the afternoon. If the date went well, I hook up with the Ukrainian lady at night. If the date didn’t go well, I went to a nightclub to meet Ukrainian stunners who were ready to f**k. I did that six days a week (Sunday is “me time” for myself), so basically, I worked for 42 hours a week and hooked up with hundreds of girls in Ukraine. That was my life when I was 32 – 35 year sold.
meeting Ukrainian stunners in real life
  • But I actually want to get married. Although I played the field and life was so good, I actually wanted to find a Ukrainian bride and get married, especially when I turned 36 years of age. If you think working for 42 hours a week is long enough because many people would say that’s longer than an average office worker’s work week, then you are probably wrong. I really look up to successful entrepreneurs such as Tom Bilyeu and Gary Vaynerchuk – these people work for nearly 80 hours a week. That’s how successful business empires were built in this day and age. When everyone is thinking about making passive income in order to look sexy, I know it’s delusional – passive income doesn’t exist. You have to work your face off, especially when you are starting out. I wanted to run a real business instead of working as a freelance writer/translator forever because a freelancer just creates a job for himself/herself rather than a real business. A job isn’t a business because a job is trading hours for dollars, whereas a business is trading results for dollars. Since I can deliver results, I would like to start my own business. So, when I was 36 years old, I decided to work for 16 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but I actually built a successful online business in that way. Meanwhile, my love life was still colorful because instead of wasting time meeting Ukrainian stunners in real life, I just met them on international dating apps. I’ve used various international dating apps and Ukrainian dating sites. Those women in Ukraine were hot, but I was still looking for a special person, someone who is not only hot, but also intelligent.
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  • I met my Ukrainian bride on Brilic dating app. As I was trying different international dating apps, I was talking to multiple ladies in Ukraine at the same time…until I met my Ukrainian bride on Brilic dating app. She is a vivacious, open-minded, sexy and smart woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. She runs her business on Amazon: She purchases things from China and sells them on Amazon, so the profit margin is pretty high. Even I was inspired by her business model. This pretty Ukrainian girl makes US dollars while living in Ukraine. When we were dating, we read business books together and talked about marketing strategies. It was much more interesting than having dinner in an expensive restaurant and going to the movies because both of us were so interested in our careers. We also attended personal development seminars together and learned a lot – we were growing together.
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  • I got married again this year. I proposed to my Ukrainian woman on New Year’s Day this year and we got married three months later. We had two weddings: one wedding in Ukraine (for her family and friends) and one wedding in America (for my family and friends). Honestly, we can live wherever we want because our businesses are 100% online. So, we have decided to live in Ukraine for six months and live in America for six months every year. That’s our plan! After we have kids in the future, we’ll probably change our plan because it’s better to give our children a stable environment so that they can go to a proper school and get a good education. It’s always easier to travel the world when we are still young, but after we have more responsibilities in life, we will have to stay somewhere and enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. Right now, we don’t have kids yet, so we can still do whatever we want, including travelling between Europe and America. I think we should cherish our freedom now and have lots of fun. In the future, we can look back and say, “Well, I did lots of exciting things to make myself happy, so now I feel okay to assume these responsibilities today.”

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