How does flirt and hookup work: Beginner tutorial on casual sex

If you think people always flirt to eventually hookup, it’s a bit immature. But if you think people flirt without any intention to get laid, it’s immature as well. See what experienced folks say.

“Flirting can be a pleasant foreplay, for sure. It’s when you met in a special place for hookups and both happen to have the same intentions. But it’s a training to be social and attractive, first of all.

I observe my colleagues and neighbors flirting with each other, it feels so natural and fun but it doesn’t mean they would all gladly sleep with each other. Being flirtatious is like a sauce for the beauty.

However, one cannot really pickup without the art of flirting. When you flatter someone and joke playfully, you are creating a thin line between you and your target person, for the further intimacy.

So, basically, the eventual outcome depends on the primary purpose one started his flirting with. Did you keep sex in your mind? Then you are being playful for that. Did you just want to chat? Then it’s so”.




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