How to be happily married to a Ukrainian bride

Where there is love there is life. —— Mahatma Gandhi

Attracting a Ukrainian woman is an art form, and being happily married to a Ukrainian wife is a skill that can be learned. Now we are going to discuss how to be happily married to a lady from Ukraine.

  • Show your affection often. Women are emotional creatures, and Ukrainian beauties are even more emotional than other women because of their cultural background. Therefore, as a caring husband, your job is to show your affection frequently. Ideally, every day you should give her a kiss before leaving the house in the morning, and remember to hug her when you come back home at night. Never underestimate the power of physical touch. You can give each other a massage regularly – this will improve the quality of your marriage as well.
  • Share more experiences together. Emotional connection is created by activities that you two do together. So it’s very important to travel with your Ukrainian wife. If you prefer a cheaper approach, you may go out for a walk with her, watch TV with her, or listen to music with her. Another great activity is to read together and discuss your understanding of the books that you have read at home.
  • Spend quality time in the bedroom. Intimacy is the most important part of a marriage because that’s the No. 1 reason why people get married! Statistics show that people who have sex after the age of 50 (at least twice a week) have half the rate of mortality than those who don’t. Hence, it’s very important to keep the spark going in the bedroom.
  • Be present for your Ukrainian wife. Nowadays people are constantly checking their phones. When you are at home with your wife, are you really there with her or are you looking at your phone? Remember to turn off all distractions, including mobile phones, TV and computers when you are there with your wife at home, so that you can have meaningful activities together.
  • Be a good listener. This alone will make you a wonderful husband because most men can’t listen. You have to be an active listener if you want to keep your Ukrainian wife in the long term. Don’t interrupt her when she is talking because you want to show your respect. Also, when you listen carefully, she will appreciate the attention that you give her. When she is complaining about something, don’t give her a solution immediately. Instead, you should give her some time to talk about it first, and then try your best to understand her.
  • If you have children…. Your children are very important in the ecosystem of your family. In this day and age, many families do not even eat together because they are busy watching videos on their phones or playing video games while having dinner. But you must make sure that your family routinely share a meal together. It can be once a day or several times per week. This creates a relaxing occasion for communication.
  • Have fun! Prioritise having fun is paramount in a sustainable marriage/family. If your Ukrainian wife is grumpy, chances are you haven’t had fun with her for quite a while. So it’s time to schedule a fun activity this week.

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