How to choose the right gift for your Ukrainian girlfriend

Jewellery is the most romantic gift that a man can give to a woman. —— Jade Seashell

So, your Ukrainian girl’s birthday is coming. Or maybe you want to give her a Xmas present. Or perhaps it’s your one-year anniversary. No matter which special occasion you are going to have, choosing the right gift is always a very warm gesture as a man. In this article, you will learn what gifts are Ukrainian beauties’ favourite and which gifts are not as good as you would think.

  • Jewellery is always a good idea. Experts point out that jewellery is a good idea not only because it’s a romantic gift, but also because it’s flexible – You can choose any kind of jewellery, depending on your budget. If you have a high budget, you can buy your Ukrainian woman a diamond necklace. If you have a low budget, you can buy her a silver bracelet. It’s really up to you and the stage of your relationship.
  • Perfume is another excellent recommendation. This gives you power because as her boyfriend, you can select a perfume that YOU like. In this way, you will enjoy her fragrance every day. Some great options are: Chanel Chance, Miss Dior, Clinique Happy, Estee Lauder Beautiful, Elizabeth Arden Red Door and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. You’ll be glad to know that Elizabeth Arden’s products are available in both department stores and drug stores. Now you know where you should go to enjoy the best price – Apparently, you would be well-advised to visit a drug store! Vera Wang also has a perfume called Vera Wang Princess – If you buy its 100ml version from a drug store, there is a ring on the lid of the bottle, so basically your Ukrainian lady will get a bottle of perfume and a beautiful ring at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone!
  • If you want to surprise her, you can buy her underwear/bra. Some women from Ukraine like surprises, so you may choose her underwear & bra for her if you know her size. Again, this is a fantastic way to get her to wear what you like to see at home. No matter you are into black lace or red silk, you call the shots!
  • Don’t buy her books if she is clearly not interested in reading. Some men tend to indirectly tell their women that these women should read more, because nowadays most women don’t read books at all (instead, they read fashion magazines only). Sadly, these men’s indirect approach is to buy some books for their wives or girlfriends as presents. But that’s not a smart move, partly because you can only take a horse to the river, but you can’t force the horse to drink water, and partly because your Ukrainian stunner could be annoyed when she sees you give her books (she will know you don’t think she is intelligent enough). You have to be clear: If learning is your highest value, does your wife need to have the same value? If she must have the same value, then it’s time to find that right woman. Also, if your Ukrainian girl isn’t interested in reading, that doesn’t necessarily mean she is not a life-long learner because not everyone learns in the same way – Some people learn by reading books, whereas others learn by watching documentaries and listening to podcasts.
  • Consider buying her experiences rather than physical objects. Not every lady from Ukraine is into stuff. In fact, many Ukrainian girls don’t care about stuff. Therefore, it’s probably a better option if you pay for experiences rather than stuff. For instance, you can take her to an exotic country for a holiday. Or you can take her to the best restaurant for a fancy meal. These are probably much better than buying her some dumb shit because experiences become a part of her, but dumb shit is still dumb shit.

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