How to communicate your intention while dating Ukrainian women casually

Even if your ultimate goal is to marry a Ukrainian bride, you still need to casually date some Ukrainian girls before you decide which woman is the right bride for you. Today I’d like to talk about how to communicate your intention while casually dating Ukrainian ladies.

  • Not every Ukrainian woman is looking for a serious commitment. Yes, most women from Ukraine are more traditional than women in western countries, but these days a growing number of Ukrainian beauties are playing the field. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal for Ukrainian stunners to have one-night stands. If you stay the night in her house and have breakfast with her in the morning, she may even wonder “When is this guy going to leave?” Meanwhile, you are wondering, “I realy want to leave as soon as possible, but is that polite?” So, you should get over this debate and decide what you need to do quickly, i.e. just leave; don’t sleep over.
  • If she has sex with you in your house and you don’t want her to sleep over, just get fully dressed when she gets out of the shower after sex. It’s very acceptable for you to bring hot women home and have sex in your own bed when you decide to play the field. Actually, chances are you don’t even want her to stay in your house for the night because you want to sleep well. Some people can only sleep well when they sleep alone, which is understandable. Hence, you can ask her to have a shower after the orgasm. And then when she gets out of the shower, she should see that you are fully dressed. That tells her you don’t want her to stay here for the night, so she will leave your house quickly. Yes, this sign is a great way to communicate your intention without telling her about it directly.
  • Don’t be afraid of talking about your intention before sleeping with the Ukrainian beauty. It’s all right to talk about what you are looking for before taking a girl home. In fact, if you are a high-value man, having sex with you is not a loss for her, no matter you want her to be your wife or not. More and more women are aware of the fact that sleeping with high-value men can add value to their lives, even though these successful men won’t marry them. That’s true – a lot of switched-on women are happy to be sugar babies because of the tremendous benefits in arrangements and casual relationships with sugar daddies. You don’t necessarily have to become a sugar daddy, but what you can do is to make sure that when a girl from Ukraine sleeps with you, it’s a gain for her.

In order to find quality, quantity does matter!

How many hot women from Ukraine have you slept with so far? Have you found the perfect 10 to be your Ukrainian wife? Please remember that in order to find the best woman, you must have experienced many women in the first place, because quantity leads to quality (if you only date one woman, how possible is it for her to be the perfect wife for you?)

(by Jade Seashell)

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