How to compliment a Ukrainian woman

Ukrainian ladyMost of the men around the world have no idea how to compliment a Ukrainian lady. When they write their first mail they usually make the same mistakes. Men usually make mistake by complimenting Ukrainian women only on physical appearance.

This article will teach you how to see more in a woman, something beyond her body and face, because it is very easy to seem shallow if you compliment her in a wrong way.

Examples of how you are doing it wrong:

– You are so hot

– You have a great body

– You are so sexy baby

– You are attractive and cute

– I love your pretty face

– You look amazing

As you can see, most of these examples are similar in one way. All of them focus only on the outer appearance and nothing else.

Would you like it if women liked you only for your money? Would you like it if a woman said something like “I like your clothes, they look expensive.”? No, well neither do Ukrainian women want to be liked only because they are gorgeous.

It is normal to check out their pictures and notice that they are beautiful; after all, Ukrainian women are very attractive and pretty. It is OK to like the way she looks like, but you won’t get far if you write to her only if you think that she’s hot.


Doing so is a guaranteed way for her to think less of you and to ignore you.

How to compliment a Ukrainian woman the proper way?

If you are thinking about sending the first mail to the Ukrainian lady you like, you should check her profile out first, read a bit about her and then compliment her on her personality.

Ukrainian women are romantic, they like to read. They love words and pay lots of attention to them. If she wrote something on her profile, chances are that she spent a lot of time thinking about it.

What should you pay attention to when checking out a Ukrainian girl’s profile?

– Look for anything related to art and literature on her profile. She will like it if you pay attention to what she likes.

– Check out her requirements for a partner and talk to her about it. She will be glad that someone had noticed it.

– If you have a similar point of view, compliment her on that

– If you can’t find anything interesting on her profile, then compliment her on her education. Women work hard on finishing their schools, they will appreciate it if you notice it.

Examples of compliments done right:

– I’ve noticed that you are a teacher. It is amazing to find a woman who enjoys working with kids.

– I love the fact that you enjoy sports. Not many ladies like exercising, I like it as well.

– I have read that you have just finished a college. Congratulations! Nice to see a woman who works on her education.

– I’ve noticed that you love animals. I love them as well!

The main thing is to find out what she likes and who she is, and then compliment her on that.

When is the right time to compliment a woman on her appearance?

It’s easy – when you get to know her better and when she does something to change her appearance.


Examples of when it is good to give her a compliment on her appearance:

– When she gets a new haircut

– When she wears something new

– When she spends hours preparing for you

Ukrainian women like it when someone acknowledges the efforts they’ve put in trying to look good.

Good ways to compliment her are:

– This dress looks amazing on you.

– I like your hair like this; it makes your face look even prettier.

– You look splendid; hopefully no one will try to steal you from me.

You should note that saying something like “you look amazing today” will make her think that what you are actually saying is “you didn’t look pretty yesterday, but now you do”. Avoid saying it at all cost!

We hope that this article will help you avoid a lot of headache when dealing with women and compliments. Remember that Ukrainian women are not any different than the rest of the women in the world. Compliment her on who she is and not on her physical appearance and she will definitely like you more.

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