How to create unstoppable chemistry with a Ukrainian woman

Attraction is a skill that can be learned.  —— Jade Seashell (Australian author and seduction expert)

When you meet a Ukrainian woman, there are many ways to create the spark and make her attracted to you. In this article, you will learn a list of practical tips that will make a Ukrainian girl interested in you.

  • Save your VIP smile for her. If you give everyone at the party a big smile, the Ukrainian girl isn’t going to be particularly impressed by your smile.  Therefore, you must give others a moderate smile.  And when you are introduced to the beauty form Ukraine, your smile should be as beautiful as the sunshine in Spain.  If she likes it, her smile should be as gorgeous as the sunshine in Australia!
  • When you shake hands with her, touch her pulse. Most people’s handshakes are weak and ineffective. When you are introduced to a Ukrainian beauty at a party, you should give her an electrifying handshake: While shaking hands with her, you touch her pulse so that she can feel the temperature of your body. When you end the handshake, your fingers linger on hers for 0.5 second. Then she will think about you for the rest of the night.
  • When you dance with her, end the dance with your hand lingering on her arm/lower back for 0.5 second. At the party, you feel very lucky as you are dancing with the Ukrainian lady. When the music is over, you end the dance with your hand lingering on her lower back or arm for 0.5 second. In this way, she will be seduced under the radar, as long as you are reasonably attractive. Women are more sensitive than men, so they respond to these gestures much better than you would think.
  • Touch her “accidentally”.  When she asks you to pass her a drink, your hand should “accidentally” touch hers. When you tell her something near her ear because the music is too loud, your lips should “accidentally” touch her ear. When she shows you her beautiful nails, you should lightly hold her hand and show appreciation. If she smiles, you know it’s on!
  • Use the power of alcohol. Alcohol can be a tool if you know how to use it to your advantage. Drinking some wine is a good way to lower her guard and help you relax as well. You and the beauty from Ukraine are more likely to have a good time once you have had some good wine. The conversations will go more smoothly because neither of you is uptight.
  • Introduce sexy jokes and observe her reaction. If you feel the conversation is going really well, you can go the extra mile: you begin to introduce some sexy jokes. For instance, you can say, “Last Christmas, my neighbour’s kids gave me a Christmas card which says, ‘Merry Xmas & We like your jocks’ simply because they couldn’t spell jokes!” She will laugh at this completely innocent joke, but meanwhile, she will also begin to imagine your big endowment in your underwear.  If she reacts very well, you know it’s on again! In fact, women think about bedroom activities very frequently as well because most women are just as horny as men.

If you can implement the above-mentioned suggestions, you will be able to enjoy the unstoppable chemistry between you and the hot girl from Ukraine!  Congratulations on your new skills and confidence!

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