How to date a mature Ukrainian woman if you are a younger man

Danger will only increase my love.   —— Michael in The Reader (2008)

Because more and more guys in western countries have realised that Eastern European women are the hottest ladies in the world, a growing number of younger men in western countries have begun to look for women from Ukraine. Recently, we received a message from a 20-year-old guy from the United States, asking this question: “I want to date a 35-year-old Ukrainian woman whom I met in my social circle. How can I get her?”

  • Understand a mature Ukrainian lady’s blueprint. A Ukrainian beauty in her 30s is usually quite sophisticated and mature. Therefore, at this stage, she is probably looking for a serious relationship that can last long. Chances are she isn’t considering marrying a 20-year-old boy. However, there are still two possibilities: 1) She may want to date a younger man for validation because that makes her look good; 2) She wants to marry a sophisticated man and get married.
  • Play the sophisticated guy first. It’s always easier to start as a sophisticated guy and then become a fun-loving toy boy later, so before you finding out her blueprint, you should look like a sophisticated guy in this Ukrainian lady’s eyes. Now you have time to figure out what exactly she is looking for and you can calibrate and adjust what’s next.
  • Play the fun-loving younger toy boy if necessary. If you realise that she actually wants to have fun with a toy boy, you can easily become a fun-loving younger guy any time. (It’s harder to be a playful toy boy first and then become a sophisticated guy later.) Watch movies like The Reader and The Graduate in which sugar mommas date male sugar babies, so that you will learn more about the dynamics in these arrangements as well as mature women’s psychology.
  • Don’t plan to actually marry the Ukrainian bride. If your goal is to have a fling with this Ukrainian beauty, then don’t fall in love with her and get emotionally involved because your plan has to be compatible with her long-term blueprint. Otherwise, it will be very messy in the end. Make sure your arrangement or casual relationship with this Ukrainian stunner is fun, playful and interesting. Don’t emotionally invest in this fling because you are not going to marry her anyway & she doesn’t expect to marry you either. If you change your mind and want to marry her, you have to consider these consequences that may happen in the future: 1) When you turn 50, she will be 65. Are you sure you two will still be good in bed at that time? – Chances are she will be very dry down there. 2) When you turn 40, she will be 55. Are you sure you won’t be attracted to younger women in their 30s while your Ukrainian wife’s face is full of wrinkles? 3) When you are 70, she will be 85. Are you sure you want to live the rest of your life alone after she has passed away?
  • If you still wants to marry her…. Well, that’s still an option, right? In fact, nobody has the right to judge your decision because probably you are going to say, “As long as we can have 10 years’ happy marriage, that’s good enough! I’m not looking for eternity anyway!” Then we can say, “Congratulations on your epiphany!”

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