How to date Ukrainian girls without paying a lot of money

In terms of attracting women, if you have more money, you need less attractive behaviour; if you have less money, you need more attractive behaviour. —– Anonymous

We understand that not every guy looking for a Ukrainian bride is rich. Therefore, we have come up with a plan for those whose budget isn’t big. Let’s have a look at these dating tips and tricks that will give you real results!

  • Cooking dinner at home by yourself. You can call a Ukrainian girl and invite her to your house for dinner. Remember to ask her to buy some ice cream on her way to your house because she needs to invest in this relationship with you. If she refuses to buy any ice cream, that means she is unwilling to invest in you, so it’s already a red flag that you must be aware of. Of course, if you decide to cook dinner at home, you need to know how to cook first, right? If you can’t cook, it’s time to learn it and save yourself a lot of money on a daily basis.
  • Watching movies at home with your Ukrainian girlfriend. These days going to the cinema is expensive, so many people prefer watching movies at home. Hence, you can borrow some DVDs from the local library which is the best resource that you shouldn’t miss out on. Don’t select movies that you like. Instead, choose movies that will help you build sexual tension so that you can sleep with your Ukrainian lady afterwards. Remember: Movies that you choose is not about what interests you; it’s about what turns her on so that you can get what you want at night.
  • Which movies should you choose? 1) The Age of Adaline: This is a classic, modern movie that Ukrainian beauties would appreciate because the story is romantic, touching and beautiful. Meanwhile, Blake Lively’s fashion throughout the film is very gorgeous, so your Ukrainian stunner will pay attention to the movie and like it. 2) The Reader: Very erotic and controversial. You will have an in-depth discussion with your Ukrainian woman afterwards and she will be so moved that she might cry. 3) Bridges of Madison County: This movie will make your girl from Ukraine want you now because it’s about the importance of not missing out on a cool guy in life.
  • Which movies should you avoid? 1) Any movies that only guys like, e.g. science-fiction movies, action movies, etc. 2) Any movies that have sexy men who are hotter than you, e.g. Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Justin Timberlake, Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth. But if you are hotter than these hotties, then it’s fine! You can choose movies such as The Great Gatsby, Meet Joe Black and A Walk in the Clouds!
  • A final suggestion: It’s okay to get your beauty from Ukraine to see you in your house at times. But you can’t do this all the time because you still want to impress her and keep her in the long term, right? Therefore, you would be well-advised to take her out for dinner and other events at times when you can afford it, because most women from Ukraine want to marry men who cherish them, spoil them and know their value. Also, when she goes to a concert with you, she has to dress up and look good. That also adds value to your life because she makes you look good at the same time – she is with you! In other words, you should combine “dinner-and-movie-at-home”dates with “fancy-dinner-and-events-out” dates – this combination will make your dating life more colorful, meaningful and interesting.

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