How to feel confident when approaching Ukrainian women

When you have core confidence, you are turning the tables.  —— Jade Seashell

The most common question that our readers send us is “How can I feel confident when I approach Ukrainian girls?” Now we will answer this legitimate question in this article below.

  • The approach starts before you go out. Maybe you have heard of the saying, “Foreplay starts before you enter the bedroom”. Similarly, the approach begins before you even go out. That means you should prepare yourself well at home first. Your inner game should be practised and improved before going out. A good exercise is naked dancing, i.e. after having a shower in the moring, you begin your day by dancing naked in front of the mirror and around the house. After that, you’ll feel confident throughout the day because physiology leads psychology – when you move like a confident person all day long, your mind will believe you are already confident. As a result, when you meet hot Ukrainian beauties later in the day, you should automatically feel more confident.
  • Change your looks. We all know that our inner game influences how confident we look. In fact, the opposite is also true: The way we look influences how we feel inside as well. Therefore, you may want to change your fashion and your haircut. Kick out the dull closet and upgrade your appearance now. Imagine the type of person you would like to be – high-class, confident, alpha? Today give yourself the permission to become anybody you want to be. Picture your desired image and go buy the outfit to match. Do some research online and imitate a celebrity’s style that you like (your clothes don’t need to be expensive, but they have to be right), and then snap into a cool guy’s look and see what happens when you meet a Ukrainian stunner.
  • Do your daily dare. Create a Dare-a-Day program for yourself. For instance, you can approach a sexy Ukrainian lady per day if you are travelling in Ukraine. When you’ve done this repeatedly for seven days, you won’t even care whether that gorgeous woman in Ukraine rejects you or not because it’s just a learning program that you have set up for yourself to learn more and explore more. In fact, even the best pickup artists in the world have about 50% rejection rate when they approach women in the street. You want to know why they are still confident? The trick is not minding!
  • Gaze into the Ukrainian girl’s eyes. When you are talking to a beauty in Ukraine, make sure you look at her eyes and maintain eye contact all the time, especially when she is talking to you. Research shows that the longer you gaze into a woman’s eyes, the more potential there is for sparks to ignite. When you notice the lady in Ukraine can’t look at you, that actually indicates her interest in you, because when a woman is attracted to you, it’s harder for her to maintain eye contact with you. Yes, you read that right. A woman can’t look at you because she really likes you sexually – she is too nervous to look at your eyes.
  • Know your worth. Every night before you go to bed, write down 3 reasons why you are adding value to this world. Keep doing this for 21 days because it takes 21 days to engrain something new in your head. Then you will notice the change in your love life, too. After that, you can begin to work on other areas in your life because you should derive confidence from different boxes in the matrix – that’s more stable and sustainable in the long term.

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