How to fuck your Ukrainian bride’s brains out on your wedding night

Statistics show that at least 70% of couples don’t have sex on their wedding night because the wedding is usually too exhausting. After a big day, the bride and the groom simply fall asleep immediately without any energy for intimacy. But if you want to make the wedding night truly memorable, you should totally be prepared!

  • Don’t get drunk. If you are drunk, your erection can’t last long for a few days. This is especially true if you are over 33 years old. Some men tend to drink too much on their wedding day because they are just too excited and too happy, which is understandable. But if you plan to fuck your Ukrainian wife’s brains out, you shouldn’t get drunk on your wedding day – you must save your energy for the wedding night!
  • Make sure the bridesmaids do help your Ukrainian beauty. Sometimes bridesmaids don’t know what to do on the wedding day, so they simply dress up, look pretty and sit there doing nothing. However, you must train those bridesmaids and tell them exactly what they should do on your wedding day – you can teach them beforehand. This is important because if bridesmaids are very helpful, both you and your wife from Ukraine will be less stressed and more relaxed on the wedding night, thereby having more energy for something naughty.
  • Drink some Red Bull if you like. It is said that drinking Red Bull can make men more energetic and perform better in bed. If that’s your thing, you should probably try it a few weeks before your wedding (you need to test whether it works or not). If it works pretty well, you can drink some Red Bull on your wedding day so that you can be very high-energy on the wedding night. But please don’t drink too much Red Bull because if you overdo it, you may stay awake for four days! Oh, Red Bull is not made of bull sperm, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Red Bull is not made of bull sperm.

  • Throw lots of rose petals on the bed. Yes, it’s your wedding night and you want to make it unforgettable. So, you need to throw lots of rose petals on the bed before your Ukrainian woman enters the honeymoon suite. She will really appreciate this beautiful bed which is full of rose petals – so romantic and gorgeous. Then you can undress her on these rose petals. However, don’t penetrate her on rose petals because you don’t want any rose petals to enter her pussy accidentally when you are penetrating too voraciously. Therefore, you’d better only perform foreplay on these rose petals. And when you are ready to insert your dick, you should remove the bed cover and then enter her wet and warm pussy which gives you the right pressure you need.
  • Each thrust should be done mindfully. Haste makes waste. You would be well-advised to thrust your cock into her pussy slowly and mindfully. Try some meditation techniques (in fact, there are many meditation techniques in the bedroom) or tantric skills. Feel each other’s body slowly and carefully. Appreciate every part of her skin. Then you can speed up and give your Ukrainian lady the best orgasm in her life.
  • If you fail to do it well on your wedding night, don’t feel bad. Sometimes life happens & you just can’t do it well on the wedding night. That’s okay. If you have done an average job on your wedding night, that only means it can only get better in the future!

(Written by Jade Seashell, seduction strategist, relationship advice columnist and author of A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure. For more information, please visit or contact – your email enquiry will be processed within 48 hours.)

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