How to f**k your Ukrainian wife properly

Today’s topic is very sexy – how to properly f**k your Ukrainian wife….Hmmmm…sounds delicious already, right? Now let’s explore sexuality together.

Tantric sex = a whole-body orgasm!!

  • Build a strong emotional connection. Women’s sexuality is contextual, so you shouldn’t just focus on what’s between her legs and what’s between your legs. You must focus on the entire romantic experience that you give her. When she is grumpy, it’s your fault! I know this statement sounds very bold, but let me put it this way: When you believe that everything is your fault, you take your power back. But when you believe that everything is someone else’s fault, you give your power away – you think others are in control of your freaking life! In fact, both Tom Bilyeu and Gary Vaynerchuk believe that everything is their own fault, so they never complain. Gary Vaynerchuk even famously said, “If I go home tonight and find out that my wife is cheating on me, I will immediately ask myself, What did I do wrong?” That’s called hold oneself accountable! A very powerful ideology. Therefore, if your Ukrainian lady is unhappy, it’s definitely your fault. It is your responsibility to make her happy. If everyone can think like that, this world will become a much better place. Yes, it’s your responsibility, but it doesn’t mean you should blame yourself whenever something is wrong. Blaming yourself isn’t too different from complaining about someone else. By the way, you can even buy a T-shirt from Tom Bilyeu which says “Everything is my fault” on it. Indeed, you must build a strong emotional connection with your Ukrainian girl and ensure her happiness, thereby ensuring your own happiness. In life and in love, you can only get what you give. So, it’s time to plan some romantic dates with your Ukrainian beauty. Maybe a good idea is to have a date night once a week. When your Ukrainian stunner feels so close to you emotionally, she will be easily turned on by you sexually as well.
  • Foreplay is the key to her pleasure. 99% of women enjoy foreplay so much that they already feel orgasmic during foreplay. If you read an erotic novel written by a woman, you will notice that the description of foreplay is extremely intense, vivid and stimulating. And that’s not an accident – it happens in every erotic novel written by a female author (not a coincidence either). Hence, you must master the art of foreplay if you want to keep seducing your Ukrainian girl for the rest of your life. That’s right – you are supposed to keep seducing her forever because that’s the easiest way to keep the love passionate between you two.
  • Penetrate her slowly and mindfully. If you rush the process, you actually miss the fun by getting it too fast. The journey is the destination – the journey is probably even more important than the destination because when the journey is looked after and fully enjoyed, the destination is inevitable! As a result, you may want to read some books about Tantric sex and savour the phyiscal pleasure with your beauty from Ukraine.
  • The pillow talk is more important than you think. In order to be a perfect husband (or at least nearly perfect), you should take care of your wife from Ukraine after having an orgasm. Most men fall asleep right after ejaculation, but that’s exactly why they are mediocre lovers. Because the fact that you are reading this article means you aren’t one of them (you are interested in achieving higher in your love life), you’d better do something different – give your Ukrainian stunner some nurturing time after orgasm, i.e. a sweet pillow talk that she will certainly enjoy.

(by Jade Seashell)

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