How to go on a first date with a Ukrainian woman without being awkward

“The first date shouldn’t be too long. Make it short, sweet and interesting, so that he/she will want more. If the first date is too long, it may lead to an unnecessary make-out session after which you’ll probably never hear from that person again.”  (Jade Seashell)

Some men are awkward when it comes to going on a first date with a new woman. If you think you might be one of them, now you are reading the perfect article that will help you become more confident and less awkward when you date a woman from Ukraine!

  • Always prepare something interesting to say beforehand. Most people only prepare their clothes, shoes and hair before going on a first date, but they have missed the most important part – their conversations must be good enough to keep that person’s attention and interest. Therefore, you would be well-advised to prepare something fun to say to your Ukrainian lady. For instance, you may read an interesting book a few days before your first date. Or you can watch a movie the night before the date. All of these activities will give you more engaging stuff to talk about on the first date with the Ukrainian beauty.
  • Remember: it’s much more important to be funny and charming than to be polite. Of course, you should be well-mannered. But at the same time, never underestimate the power of charm. You must work on your charisma before the first date because women from Ukraine love charismatic men! You can improve your body language by hiring a dating coach. Or you can work on your good sense of humor by preparing some jokes to use on the first date.
  • Ask her the right questions. An awkward dater always talks about himself on the first date. And this shouldn’t be a one-way street. You have to ask her questions to show that you are interested in her life as well. Don’t ask her wrong questions. e.g.
  1. What is your favourite body part? (This sounds creepy.)
  2. What’s your “why” in life? (This sounds nerdy.)
  3. What’s your favourite quote? (This sounds irrelevant.)

Some good questions:

  1. Do you read books or magazines? (Most young women in Ukraine only read fashion magazines, so this question will challenge her in the right way.)
  2. Where have you travelled to so far in your life? (Her answer will reveal her life experiences.)
  3. Which place do you want to visit? (Her answer will reveal her world view.)
  4. What’s your favourite TV show? (Her answer will tell you her real interests.)
  • Choose an activity to do on the first date with a Ukrainian girl. Don’t sit at the dinner table for four hours! Make sure you two are doing an activity together. If she likes art, you can take her to the museum or art gallery. If both of you like sports, how about playing bowling together? You may even take her to eat some ice cream afterwards!  This activity will make your first date memorable because you can only have one first date with your beauty from Ukraine.


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