How to hide your money from your Ukrainian woman

In dating and relationships, money is oftentimes the elephant in the room – mainstream dating advice can’t discuss this topic in public; red pill subcultures have limited means to educate the general public. When you are dating a Ukrainian girl that you are not sure of – you don’t know whether you will have a future with her; or maybe you don’t even know her very well. In this case, how can you hide your money from your Ukrainian girlfriend if you are a rich man and have to protect your money? Of course, most women from Ukraine are good women, but there are gold-diggers in every country, so you still need to be careful.

  • Understand your Ukrainian beauty’s motive first. This is not the most romantic topic in the world, but you have to know your Ukrainian stunner’s motive – why does she want to date you? What motivates her? If you are 65 years old and she is turning 25 this year, you probably need to analyse the situation when she says this is true love. I’m not saying it’s not true love; I just would like you to rethink what’s happening so that you are able to avoid long-term risk.
  • Don’t move in with her too soon. If you move in with your Ukrainian woman too quickly, you have less time to know her well. In some western countries, as long as you have lived with a woman for 12 months, that’s already a de facto relationship, which means she can ask for half of your money when you break up with her, according to Family Law! Therefore, moving in with a woman too soon isn’t the best idea in the world if you are a wealthy man with a lot of money.

Money is the taboo topic in many relationships. —— Jade Seashell

  • Don’t put too many bank cards in your wallet when you go out with her. When you are on a date with a woman from Ukraine, you will probably pay for the dinner and drinks, right? As you take out your wallet, what is she looking at? If she is staring at what’s in your wallet, that’s a huge red flag because that means she is probably looking at how many bank cards you have and what kinds of bank cards you have. Therefore, you should only take one bank card with you when you go out with your new girlfriend from Ukraine.
  • Don’t give her cash. If you want to spoil your lady from Ukraine, that’s fine. You can buy her gifts, but don’t give her cash. Gold-diggers believe that cash is king because they want to get cash and leave quickly. As long as you don’t give her cash, it’s still quite safe.
  • Don’t reveal everything about your work. If your new girl from Ukraine constantly asks specific questions about your work, this is a red flag – she is possibly assessing whether you are a treat, a trick or a sponsor. Only when a gold-digger knows that your high income is real can she decide which category you belong to. Thus, you shouldn’t tell her too much about your work. You can tell her more when you know she is a genuine beauty from Ukraine.
  • Don’t take her to your home if this is the initial stage of your relationship. There is a shocking story: A 50-year-old CEO was dating a 28-year-old hot woman. He took her to his home for their second date. On their third date, she told him that she wanted to go to his house again, so he couldn’t say no. As they were having sex in the bedroom, the 28-year-old woman suddenly said, “I hear something outside. Maybe the door isn’t locked. Let me shut the door for you.” So she went to the entrance area, and then she came back to the bedroom to continue fucking him. After having an orgasm, this girl said to him, “I’m going to get some massage oil from my car, and then I’ll give you a massage. You can wait here.” So she quickly get dressed and left the house. AND SHE NEVER CAME BACK. The CEO was waiting in bed for nearly 30 minutes, and when he walked out of the bedroom, he realised that his TV, camera, paintings….everything valuable in the sitting room was gone. Yes, she sent someone to rob his house while she was fucking his brains out in the bedroom.

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