How to make a Ukrainian woman fall in love with you

I love women. I have loved them all my life.   —— George Peppard

Meeting Ukrainian ladies isn’t hard, but making them fall for you isn’t easy. This article will show you a variety of tips about how to make a Ukrainian beauty fall in love with you fast and keep the attraction last.

  • Give the Ukrainian lady a Schtick-Name.  If you think she will like it, simply give her a flattering nickname. This makes you memorable and, at its very least, gives both of you a smile. When it comes to choosing the right nickname, there is only one fundamental rule: It must augment your Ukrainian girl’s self-esteem. Some good examples are “Princess Patricia”, “Lady Lily” and “Professor Victoria”.
  • Ask “when” (not “if) she can go out with you. When you are ready to ask a Ukrainian woman out, expand the window of opportunity under the radar! Make sure you do not tie her down to a specific date. It is harder for her to reject you if you give her the choice of when. Therefore, instead of asking “Do you want to go out with me?” you should say, “When can I see you next time?”
  • When you give her a hug, apply a longer, tender touch on her back or shoulder. Seduction is definitely about physical touch because women’s sexuality is contextual and women can be turned on at the most unexpected moments. It’s very common to give someone a friendly hug in Ukraine, so you should feel free to give her a warm hug. But when you finish the hug, don’t forget to apply a tender and longer touch on her back or shoulder. This gesture will be very memorable.
  • Find excuses to touch her. Ask your Ukrainian stunner what time it is. When she tells you the time, you simply pretend to be surprised and jokingly grab her arm to see her watch, as if you need proof that she is telling you the truth. If she likes that, you will notice a radiant smile on her beautiful face. Even the most innocent physical touch gets her hormones (estrogen) hopping, particularly if she is a horny woman whose body discharges alluring energy.
  • Think sexy thoughts while shaking her hand. When you meet a woman from Ukraine, gaze into her gorgeous eyes while holding her hand and silently say, “You are really sexy and I want to sleep with you”. This soundless monologue (or dirty thoughts) camouflaged by your friendly or professional demeanour, adds the right lustre to your face and ignites a tiny spark instantly. Ukrainian beauties are sensitive and intuitive women, so mind reading is possible for them to some extent, especially when your mind is saying something that she is eager to hear.
  • Demonstrate your substantial qualities early in the interaction. While talking to a hot Ukrainian bride, begin to show the qualities that she considers long-term potential must-haves, e.g. loyalty, a good sense of humour, a loving personality and a capable brain. Deliberately make an effort to plant the seeds that indicate, “I’m a very special man of high quality.”
  • Do not feel obligated to fill the silences. It is not your responsibility to fill any silence. In fact, pauses are necessary for attraction because silence actually builds attraction. Better still, silence gives her the opportunity to invest more in you by asking you more questions because she would feel obligated to fill the silences. No matter which romantic movie you watch, you’ll notice love grows in silence when a guy and a girl looks at each other’s eyes without saying anything. This moment gives chemistry a chance to grow quickly. Therefore, instead of filling the silences, you should create more silences and introduce more pauses on purpose and seduce the girl from Ukraine without lots of effort.

Try these techniques and you’ll benefit from the rewards soon. Please write a comment below if you have any questions! Enjoy!

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