How to meet Ukrainian women who are real 9s and 10s

Getting women from Ukraine isn’t hard, but getting a real 9 or 10 is not easy. Fortunately, there are a range of strategies that you can use!

  • Figure out where the real 9s and 10s are, and you should be there, too! If you go to the farmers’ market or a pub where people can buy two glasses of drinks for $1, you won’t meet the high-quality ladies from Ukraine that you want. It is well-known that a lot of Ukrainian girls are super models in America and Europe, so if your goal is to get a smokin’ hot model like that, you have to think differently – going to where famous models go, i.e. the best concerts, upscale events, etc.
  • Join the pre-concert party as well. If you have decided to go to a high-end concert, make sure you also attend the pre-concert party. So, you should buy the best ticket which not only reserves a seat in the front row, but also allows you to go to the pre-concert party where you can meet the hottest girls from Ukraine. This tip not only applies to those who live in Ukraine, but also applies to those who live in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Because the famous singer usually doesn’t rock up at the pre-concert party, nobody is really getting all the attention of these concertgoers at this stage. That’s why it’s much easier for you to approach the hottest Ukrainian lady at the pre-concert party. Also, most concertgoers only socialise with each other at the pre-concert party because many hot Ukrainian beauties will go home after the concert as it’s usually very late at night.

Your external confidence and charisma is the gatekeeper of dating the hottest beauties from Ukraine.

  • Get someone else to pay for your VIP ticket of the fancy concert. When you were reading the paragraph above, maybe you were wondering, “What if I can’t afford the best ticket of the concert?” In fact, there is a great way to solve this problem. All you need to do is to go to Craigslist or Gumtree and click on the sales section. And then you look at the FREE page where people give their stuff away for free because those bookshelves and chairs are just too big. Now you can drive your car or truck to pick up those free things if your vehicle is big enough. Alternatively, you can also carry the chair by bus or train. And then you sell these items on Facebook Marketplace where there are a lot of eyeballs. In this way, you have zero cost and you can sell each item for $40 or $30 on Facebook. Therefore, you are able to make $700 in a few weeks, which allows you to attend the pre-concert parties of the best concerts where you can approach the most attractive Ukrainian ladies.
  • Work on your grooming, confidence and communication skills. No matter you are at a pre-concert party of the best concert in town, or you are at a fashion show where Victoria’s Secret models are there for you to approach, you must improve your grooming, confidence and communication skills because these are the gatekeepers of dating the best Ukrainian women. Hence, you should read some fashion magazines for men, learn some techniques about improving your charisma, and study a book on conversational skills. Remember: Knowledge itself is not power; the application of knowledge is true power. Thus, you’d better utilise what you have learned and practice on every Ukrainian girl you meet so that when you actually meet the real 9s and 10s, you know how to get them.

(Written by Jade Seashell)

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