How to tell if a Ukrainian woman is good in bed

Dating is the only situation in which you are selling and buying at the same time. When you meet a hot woman, don’t put her on a pedestal because you don’t know whether she is good in bed yet. —— Jade Seashell

When you meet an attractive Ukrainian woman, you associate her with all good qualities. Modern psychology shows that we tend to put attractive people on a pedestal and assume that they have excellent qualities. That’s why a person’s attractiveness can be very misleading. Now in this article, you will learn how to tell whether a Ukrainian lady is good in bed or not.

  • She told you she learned dancing before. If a Ukrainian beauty told you that she learned dancing before, that usually means she is at least very flexible in bed. Her body can achieve many exciting positions easily, so she will make you very happy if you marry her. Also, a dancer is usually very slim, so this beauty from Ukraine wouldn’t become overweight even when she grows old – her metabolism was programmed when she was a young dancer. Therefore, if you are turned off by an overweight woman’s body in bed, you should date a slim or skinny Ukrainian girl.
  • She is very well-calibrated when she communciates with you. If a girl from Ukraine is very well-calibrated during her interactions with you, she must be able to observe what you are doing and respond well accordingly. A woman like that is also very well-calibrated in bed because that’s a skill which applies to the bedroom situation as well. Hence, if you really enjoy this conversationalist, you should know that marrying this Ukrainian bride is probably a very good idea.
  • She has smooth skin, clear complexion, shiny hair, rosy cheeks, full lips and large breasts. Evolution has made men chase beautiful women for a reason: The nature wants you to select the most healthy partner so that your children will have better genes. Usually, gorgeous women are also very healthy because those attractive features are oftentimes powered by high estrogen levels. Women with higher estrogen levels are more likely to get pregnant easily and their children are more healthy, too. This is called natural selection – you automatically feel attracted to hot women due to some valid reasons. Clearly, women with higher estrogen levels are better in bed because they are biologically more eager to get pregnant.
  • She is very creative, intelligent and assertive. If the Ukrainian stunner you are dating demonstrates her creativity, intelligence and assertiveness, that means her testosterone levels are also quite high. Yes, women also have testosterone, but most women’s testosterone levels should be lower than men’s. However, if a woman’s testosterone level is too low, she wouldn’t have a high libido. Thus, a woman with a higher testosterone level also has a higher sex drive. Remember: assertiveness, intelligence and creativity are indicators of high testosterone levels. That being said, it doesn’t mean women with low testosterone levels are dumb and stupid. In fact, here “intelligent & intelligence” means this woman has very strong analytical skills.

If you are dating a Ukrainian bride who has all of the above-mentioned qualities, you should definitely marry her and make this gorgous woman your Ukrainian wife.

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