How to win an Ukrainian woman over

Way of the heartWinning a womans heart is not an easy task. There are lots of them who are enjoying in playing their part on Cinderella story, waiting to get rescued by their prince charming. There are also those, who are more active in the role of attracting men and they are taking over the control. Still, they also need to be won over. And when you add to that the fact that the woman you fell in love with is from another country, and that country is Ukraine, the task of winning her heart gets instantly a bit harder. So, here are some small tips and infos on how to make it a lot easier.




  1. Pay attention to your appearance. You already know that most of Ukrainian ladies loves spending hours in front of the mirror and really take care of their looks. They appreciate the same thing with guys. One of the tricks to get her to notice you is to be on your best appearance. Get a nice haircut and take care of your beard/mustache. Nicely groomed and great looking man will tickle her interest instantly. Here is also important to pay attention to the clothes you are wearing. Ukrainian girls are used to seeing men in more formal type of clothing, so baggy pants and a size bigger t-shirt certainly won’t get their attention. So, try getting on some clothes that fit and combine colors with textures as well. Also, try and pay attention to have the clothes as wrinkle-free as possible. All of those details will let her know that appearance is important to you.
  1. Be strong and manly. It is important as well to show her that you are in possession of those characteristics that are called “manly” in most of traditional cultures. That means that you have dominance, leadership and protector skills. As the social gender roles aren’t really defined in Ukrainian society, both men and women tend to take on these roles from other cultures. And it is expected of a man to be the protector as well as the provider of both finances and emotional support to the woman, while she is staying at home and raising the children. If she sees that you can provide for her and be able to give her better life, you will get her attention with no problem. Show her that you are more than willing to do anything to win her over. That is one of those things Ukrainian ladies find very attractive in a man.Trendy Hipster Girl with Bike in the City
  1. Choose topics for conversation wisely. When you are taking an Ukrainian girl on a date, you will want to spend as much time possible in talking with her and getting to know her better. So, be careful when it comes to what you want to talk about with her. As a conversation starter, you can always give her a couple of compliments on her looks. But, after that, don’t choose topics that you don’t know much about or that have to do something with politics, because, you might know other story of what really goes on in their country. That might instantly lead to a disagreement, which isn’t a good thing on a date. Instead of that, ask her about her customs, her favorite moments from the past, what she likes and doesn’t like. There are lots of things you might lead her to tell you without even realizing, and those informations will come in handy, that is for sure.
  1. Take time to learn about her culture. Dedicating your time and making an effort on understanding her way of life is something no girl is able to resist. Learning a few phrases in Russian or Ukrainian, getting a hold of the history and culture in her country, exploring the life in Ukraine as they live it is something that will show her that you truly care for her and want to be a part of her life. Along the way, you might find yourself getting pretty accustomed to a whole new way of living.

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