How to write to a Ukrainian woman

VerysexbridesWriting to a Ukrainian woman isn’t much different than writing to any other woman in the world, but some men have problems with both, and this article serves to help out.

The purpose of this article is to boost the rate at which you get responses from women on dating websites.

After reading this article you will notice just how easy it is to write to Ukrainian women and to keep them interested in you

Writing to ladies on dating websites is a bit different than composing “normal” letters, but that doesn’t mean that it is hard. You will just have to try a bit harder and learn a few things before you embark on a quest to write a good letter which will attract attention.



How to write a good message to a Ukrainian lady?

  1. Research

Before you start writing your first message, make sure that you do some research about the woman you are writing to. Read everything on her profile, because you will need the information you find there later. You also need to check out what kind of a man she is looking for and whether you fulfill her requirements.


  1. Prioritize

You shouldn’t write to the first Ukrainian lady you find attractive. You should check out many profiles and make a list for yourself. Find 10 Ukrainian ladies who seem to be the best candidates for you and figure out to whom you would like to write first, to whom second etc.

  1. Check your profile

Always check out how other people see your profile. Does your picture look good? Are you smiling on it? Are you dressed smart? Read what you had written; make sure there are no spelling mistakes and figure out whether you need to touch it up.


  1. Check the profile of the girl you like the most

When you are satisfied with how your profile looks like, find the Ukrainian woman who is first on your list and read her profile. Find the points you think are interesting and write them down, because you will be writing about them soon.

  1. Compose your message in a text editor

It is always better to write a message in a text editor because it is easier to see whether you had made any mistakes, and it helps with making your message not look like a box.

  1. How much to write?

It depends on how much she wrote on her profile. If you see that she wrote a lot, you should write a longer message, and if you notice that she didn’t say much about herself, make your message shorter. The ideal length is somewhere between 10 and 20 lines of text.

  1. Proofread your message

This is the moment before you will send your message, so make sure that there are no mistakes in the message. Add something new if you think it is needed and then you can finally click on “send”.

  1. Repeat

Do the same for all of the women in your top 10 list. Wait for their response. If you see that they have been online and they haven’t responded, write another smaller message after 2-3 days. If she doesn’t reply to it, move on because she isn’t interested.


  1. Continuing the communication

If she responds to you, awesome, it gets easier. Notice how much she had written and try to make your new message the same length.


Important things to keep in mind:

– If your profile doesn’t look presentable, don’t write to Ukrainian women yet. Wait until you sort everything on your profile out.

– Always check what you had written in the message, one mistake could cost you.

– Upload new photos as your communication progresses. Ukrainian women like looking at pictures, and whenever you have new ones you make sure that she will check you out.

– Don’t be pushy. If she doesn’t reply, wait a bit, ask her whether she had received your message, and if she still isn’t replying, just move on and find another one.

We hope that this short article will help you out with sending your first message, as well as the follow up messages, to a gorgeous Ukrainian bride. Remember that they are not different than other ladies and that you don’t have to do anything different. Follow the tips we’ve given you and you will do just great.

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  • william Germak says:

    I would like to send a warm hello from Vancouver Canada and would like to make friends . My mother was ukranian and my father was polish , my parents have passed away and i miss all the ukranian cooking that my mom used to make. I want to meet a kind woman , a woman with a good heart. , one day at a time . I have a motorhome that i travell in all over British Columbia and would be retiring in the okanagan valley on a lake and orchard country. age does not matter to me as long as we are all healthy and living happily. your friend Bill

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