Inter-cultural dating and Ukrainian girls

standing woman wearing brown clothes and boots with a handbagDating was always the fun part of getting to know a person before getting married. Romantic gestures, candle lights, sweet talking, butterflies in the stomach- it is all part of falling in love with one person. And it seems all so perfect without any problems. But, they do exist, especially when it comes to dating a person from a totally another culture. Habits are different, life style is different and these two persons can only make effort to get along and get used to each others differences. And when it comes to single ladies from Ukraine, here are some of them that men, who aren’t from their country, should be taking into consideration before starting a relationship with them.



  1. The looks- it is really important to the Ukrainian ladies. They are really fashion conscious and are always looking as if they got off of the runway. Unlike most of the women from another cultures and countries, Ukrainian women are used to and enjoy in spending a lot of time in front of the mirror, putting on the make up and fixing their hair. Before going out on the streets, they are sure to look picture perfect. This difference also includes the way they dress. When compared to other women, you will see that Ukrainian girls tend to pick clothes that is not fit, but hat is pretty tight. And not only handsome girls do that, but a bit heavier ladies as well. Exposing curves and showing some skin is something Ukrainian ladies love doing in order to draw mens attention as they pass by. Heels are also part of their clothing and a must-have. And if you start thinking at any point that they might be prostitutes, think again, because these ladies are “femme fatal”, and this way of dressing is actually part of their culture.
  1. The next cultural difference in Ukraine is in the way they behave on the street and at home. Ukrainian girls do everything to get some attention, to get in the spotlight. Which is why they wear flashy clothes. But, with that clothes comes a certain attitude as well. They love teasing and flirting on the streets, playing a game of chess in the real life, one might say. Flirting and showing off one’s sexuality is also a part of their culture in Ukraine. When compared to women from western cultures, Ukrainian ladies are more spontaneous and emotional, which is why they are considered more feminine and gentle. Ukrainian girls lean towards romantic gestures, love being swiped off of their feet and won and Ukrainian girls
  1. In relationships Ukrainian women tend to have only one partner, at least the vast majority of them. Having a traditional and monogamous relationship is something that is pretty usual for them. Still, there are some of the Ukrainian ladies who like keeping their horizons open and having more than one partner. Since they don’t have strict moral norms or prohibitions in their culture, it is normal for them to experiment, as well as to really early figure out what works for them.
  1. What also might come as a surprise with Ukrainian women is the fact that they willingly take on certain gender roles, although they aren’t being raised in environment that influences them in that certain way. For example, it is a normal thing for an Ukrainian girl to get married pretty early (at the age of 18-21 ), as well as to get married to a lot older guy. Reason for that is that an experienced man can provide better than the younger one. So, they pretty much dream of having a family pretty early in their life.
  1. When it comes to gender roles, these ladies are also expectations with their behavior and the way men should behave as well. First off, men are considered to be strong and provider of both finances and emotional support. They are the ones who go to work and earn money. That is why women tend more to stay at home, cook meals and raise the children. Ukrainian ladies don’t feel threatened and don’t have the need to prove themselves in the man’s world.

One has to have in mind that inter cultural dating can have lots of negative parts- for example, one will never feel like at home in another country. But it’s always better to have the person you love by your side, no matter what is going on.

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