Ladies from Ukraine: how to get their attention

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When starting to date girls, there are lots of unwritten rules. Some of them you can meet at the local club, some of them prefer restaurants and expensive dinners. And some are more into staying at home and watching a movie. But, what happens when you try to get to know a woman from another culture? Her reactions and attitude are all different and you feel like you landed on some other planet at one point. Well, that is why we have some tips and advices on how to get Ukrainian ladies to notice you.

  1. Grooming and appearance.

The first thing these ladies will notice is the way you look. If you are dressed up in baggy clothes and like a slob, there is nothing that will make them stay, and even less to approach you. However, if you try to put on some more formal clothes and match the colors and textures, that will tickle their imagination. You do know that Ukrainian ladies tend to take a lot of care of their looks and it is no wonder it’s the first thing that will draw their attention. Also, make sure to have your hair and beard groomed properly. Nice looking man will get anyone’s attention.

  1. Be polite.

Unlike most of the guys in western cultures, who are behaving like they have a competition on who is the biggest bad-ass, try and being polite for a change. Look where nice manners and being polite got James Bond. Being a gentleman is something not a lot of men can do, and boys definitely can’t handle that. Show her that you are a man enough to be polite, gentleman and that you are willing to do everything for her. Holding her coat, giving her a rose on a date, opening the door for her- all of that will make her heart skip a beat and she will be on could nine. She will feel like a queen, and which lady wouldn’t like that?

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  1. Play it smart- chose topics wisely.

When you do go out on a date with an Ukrainian woman, try to keep the choice of topics to what you know with certainty. The last thing you want is to start a topic you don’t know anything or really not much about, starting to rumble something because you feel uncomfortable and ruin your date in couple of minutes. Instead, try talking about experiences, different views on the life, various situations, work or hobbies. Those topics will not only make you look smart and sociable, but you will also get to know her for real. Get her to talk about her childhood, to tell you some funny situations, because that will be a bonding moment.

  1. Leave an impression.

Since she is coming from another country and culture, try to leave an impression on her by doing a research on that topic, try to find out as much as you can about their culture and traditions. Chat about how people celebrate holidays in her country. Also, learning some basic phrases and words from her language is something that will show her that you care for her and want to be a part of her world.

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