Navigating Ukrainian dating sites

Navigating Ukrainian datingIn this day and age it seems like everything is done on-line. From paying the bills to shopping, along side with dating. But, it isn’t as easy for everyone. Going through Ukrainian dating sites can sometimes be very confusing. Especially if it’s not in English, like the most of them. And when it is, sometimes options and directions aren’t as clear as they should be.

The first thing that is important when you search for the dating site is to do a little research on each of them. See as much as reviews and experiences shared by other men as you can, because seeing a site isn’t the same as getting another one’s experience with that site. Matchmaking agencies that own those sites may be really great, professional and really put an effort into connecting you with the person that suits you the most, but they might also be some cons that are looking for victims to scam and take money from. That is why a little research on the topic is very valuable.

The next thing you will want to pay attention to when entering the dating site is if they charge for registration, what their conditions are and what they have to offer in return. The most of dating sites aren’t charging the registration itself. After taking care of that, there is setting up your profile. You usually need your email address, basic personal information (eg. name, surname, age, birthplace, current place of living, etc). If you come across questionnaires that require your social number, number of your credit card, or something like that, be careful. It might be some scam made up by the cons in order to get your social number and credit card number or your PIN. Once they get that, they can easily get the money from your bank account and you won’t be able to do a thing.

After setting up the profile and filling in basic information about yourself, as well as your preferences, what you do and don’t like, there is the next step- looking through the data base they have. Surely there will be a lot of gorgeous ladies in their data base, ladies who are willing to get in touch with you, and you will have to start making a choice. That why there are filters and categories, as age, hair color, birth place, education, etc. In that way you can narrow down the search for the significant other.

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Also, when you start chatting with some of those ladies, check out if they are genuine, and not some con artist again. You can easily do that by copying the description from the description box and pasting it to the Google search tool. If the same text shows up at more than a couple of sites, that you have your doubts confirmed. There are already per-fabricated texts that are often used by these con artists in order to attract someone’s attention. And they just put it on any site they can. Also pay attention to the way the chatting between two of you goes on. If it sounds weird and strange, you can assume it’s a scam. Try and get them to chatting by video chat with you. That way you’ll at least know that it’s the woman from the profile photo and not someone else. A piece of advice- don’t get attached before you manage to confirm that person you’re chatting with is the one who is presented to you on dating site.

Dating sites have lots of pros and cons, depending on what you see as a pro/con. Balancing work and dating with someone from another country is certainly a pro, but not being certain if that is genuine person or a con artist is really a con. Still, as in any other dating, you are the one going through with it and you know what’s the best for you. Pay attention to the sings and don’t get fooled.

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