Overcoming cultural differences

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In this day and age getting in touch and starting a relationship with someone who is from a different country is nothing new. With all the technology that is developed in the course over the last few decades, it is more than easy to communicate with anyone in the world.

The only thing you need now is a lap top and an internet connection. But, that isn’t enough to overcome some of the differences that may occur in a relationship between two people that come from different cultural backgrounds. And when getting in a relationships with a girl from Ukraine, it may sometimes seem as if you are on a totally different planet, that is in the case your culture is different.

The first thing you need to have in mind when it comes to dating Ukrainian women is that they tend to be more feminine, more gentle and more delicate and vulnerable than women from other cultures. The reason for that is that they are used to taking on such social gender roles, the roles in which women are feminine and more gentle than the men. They aren’t described as week, but for the men from western culture they might seem as if they are going to fall apart in any moment. Their strength lies exactly in that- being delicate and vulnerable, as only women can be. So, don’t think that they are spoiled princesses, because there is nothing these ladies can’t and won’t do for their man. And unlike the women from the western culture, Ukrainian girls don’t feel the need to be equal with the men in all the aspects, especially when it comes to work.

The next thing you should have in mind is that they love flirting and dressing up the way they do. Although to more than one man that comes from western culture they may seem as over the top dressed prostitutes, or femme fatal, Ukrainian ladies pay a lot of attention to their appearance. And it is usual in their culture to have a great and nicely shaped body as well as to want to show it and tease a bit. Clothes that reveals a bit skin and high heels make Ukrainian ladies even more desirable than women from the West. And according to various men from the West, they can be simply irresistible.

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When it comes to relationships, Ukrainian women, at least most of them, prefer having the simple traditional pattern- dating one guy and taking first steps towards the marriage. They see the whole dating process as the introduction into life together as well as the chance to build the solid basis with the man they plan to spend the life with. That is one of the main differences between most of the cultures in other countries and culture in Ukraine. In the West, for example, dating isn’t taken that serious and only has the meaning of seeing someone, but not necessarily getting married to that person.

Unlike most of the countries that have both double standards for men and women and their behavior, there also aren’t so many strict traditions, norms and prohibitions in Ukraine. It is a normal thing to see a woman approaching the man, flirting with him, taking over the control when it comes to seducing as well as showing off her sexuality. And it isn’t a strange thing to see an Ukrainian woman getting married and not being a virgin. They get into physical relationships with no shame and no prohibitions that will hold them down.

So, if you plan to date an Ukrainian lady, make sure to get even more on how many differences there are and how to spot them, react to them as well as maybe change some of them.

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