Overcoming shyness in dating Ukrainian ladies

Happy young fashion woman with shopping bagsIt is pretty normal for every man to have problems with shyness when dating women. It is the same when someone has to go on a date with a woman from another country.

Ukrainian women are known for being very beautiful, cute and attractive. All of those things can make some men be more shy than they really are and not do anything about a woman they like.

Most of the men worry about certain things when going on a date with a Ukrainian woman. Those things seem to be almost the same with every man, and this is what most of them had to say about what causes them to be shy on a date with a Ukrainian woman:

– She looks amazing, she won’t like me

– She doesn’t speak English well, how will we communicate?

– She comes from a different culture, what if I say something wrong?

– What does she see in me?

As you can see, most of the problems come out of lack of confidence, so it should be obvious what should be done in order to avoid thoughts which can only be detrimental to the relationship.

Ukrainian women are attracted to confident men, men who are chivalrous and brave. You might not be brave, but being chivalrous and confident will come with practice.

First thing you should do is to stop worrying so much. She agreed to go on a date with you. You know that she sees something in you, so that should help a bit with your confidence.

Ukrainian women won’t go on a date with someone they don’t like, so stop worrying whether she likes you, because she does.

First thing you should do is to arrive on the date before her. That way you will have a bit more time to tidy up and prepare for her arrival. Check whether your clothes look good, if your hair is OK etc.

Remember to stand tall with a nice posture, don’t slouch.

woman in winter clothing fur cap outdoor

She wants to see a man when she comes, not a scared boy. You will have a lot more confidence as soon as you start acting like you do.

As soon as you start acting confident you will notice how easy it is and you will actually become confident.

As soon as she arrives remember to greet her with a smile. If she offers to shake your hand, do it. If not, extend your hand and when she gives you hers give her a small kiss. Women love it even if it may seem a bit cheesy. It is a very gentlemanly thing to do, so don’t worry if you think that you look silly, she will like it.

Always look into her eyes while you’re talking to a Ukrainian lady. Don’t stare into her lips or, god forbid, her breasts. She wants to see that you are paying attention, so just pay attention to her and show her that you care about what she is talking about.Fashion girl with umbrella

You should always be honest towards the Ukrainian woman you are dating, but try not to go wild with the compliments.

Do not tell her that she has amazing legs or that you like her ass. Compliment her on her job, on her finished studies, on her English knowledge etc.

Ukrainian ladies are very laid back, and they won’t judge you if you make a mistake, so try to relax and to enjoy the conversation naturally.

Remember that she wanted to go out with you, which should give you more than enough confidence to survive the first date and overcome the shyness you might feel.

Be sure to walk confidently, pace your movement, smile and don’t slouch. By looking and acting confident you will actually feel it and shyness will slowly disappear.

Good luck and always remember to have fun while on a date with a Ukrainian woman.

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