Places to meet Ukrainian women in Ukraine

Happy young woman writing sms while sitting in city parkNowadays a lot of men are interested in getting to know some pretty women, who originate from Ukraine and they seem more than eager to pay for everything, just so they could give a chance to a girl that could be the love of their lives. That is why a lot of them usually go to on line dating sites. And with modern technology that is getting more and more advanced with every day that goes by, that seems like the best idea. Still, it is always better to go to Ukraine yourself and see how things really work there.
First, there is the language barrier. If you don’t know the language or very little, your choices are, of course, a bit more narrowed down. So, if you are a foreigner that doesn’t speak the language, the best place to start with is a nice western pub like Irish Pub, or some kind of restaurant which is also from your country. These places are known to be having a good atmosphere and are organized in that way to make anyone feel relaxed and pleasant. And those are exactly kind of places where girls who speak English will come to. Then, a foreigner can also visit places like night clubs that are known to be visited by people that aren’t residents. That has also the same type of girls coming- mostly those who already speak English. What can also help in finding the places to meet some Ukrainian ladies that a foreigner can strike a conversation with is visiting those usual touristic places. Since most of the people that are coming to those places are tourists, workers there as well as residents are aware of that and are speaking English. If the language isn’t your weak spot, and you are comfortable with speaking Ukrainian or Russian, than you should maybe consider throwing in some other places, besides above mentioned. You could widen your range to almost every bar or night club you can run into, since starting a conversation isn’t a problem. Also, you could consider getting to know someone through your or someone else’s job during seminars of a kind or some sort of business celebration. Those kind of environments will instantly help you filter the type of girls you want to get to know to as well as show you off in a more serious light.
During these conversations, you should be careful about which topics you are talking about. Some of them can be more fragile than you think and with some of them you might not have the entire set of information, so if you start some of those, you risk looking like a fool. So, it is always better to stick to the topics like culture, or something similar, where you will exchange the experiences and how something is done/ celebrated in your country. That will give you an opportunity to get to know a bit more about Ukrainian girls and their customs.

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The next thing you should be careful about and really take into consideration is the way you look. It is known that the Ukrainian girls have the reputation of being really detailed when it comes to their looks. They can spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to make themselves look perfect, and they do a damn great job. So, it shouldn’t take you by surprise that they are also paying a lot of attention to what men wear. Typical outfit from the western culture, which is influenced by the pop-culture, is something baggy, with t-shirts that falls over the hips and sneakers or something similar. That kind of dressing up doesn’t actually get their attention. Ukrainian ladies are used to seeing men in more formal clothes. And if they see you in baggy and sloppy clothes like these, you just won’t get far. Pay attention to what men in Ukraine wear and what kind of women are in their company. That will give you some directions about how to dress for what type of women, or better to say, what kind of women will be attracted to you if you dress in a certain way. Make sure to always wear clothes that fit you.
And the third and most important thing is to pay attention to your behavior. If you are a strong and dominant type, they will instantly be drawn to you. In Ukrainian culture, man is the one who is the head of the family, and he is the one who is providing for his woman. That also means that man has a certain role in their society, which is exactly what these ladies want in a man- to be their protector and provider. Show your leadership skills and dominance, and you will win their hearts.

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