Pros and cons of inter-cultural relationships in Ukraine

cultural relationships in UkraineAs it usually happens, two people fall in love, not minding each others or their own cultural background at any moment. But, the truth is, our culture and the way we are raised define us and our reactions in some ways. That is where most of the problems occur in relationships where partners come from different cultures. So, when dating and having a relationship with a woman which originates from Ukraine, it is more than just good to get to know her cultural background.

Good things about dating women from Ukraine:


You get to know one totally different culture. No matter how silly it sounds, it is always good to get to experience new things or old situations with a totally new view on it. That might change you a little bit. You will see that there is more than one reaction to the given situation. And experiencing life in Ukraine and their culture, way of life is like living one totally new life. That will also enable you to better understand her point of view as well as some of her reactions and the way she sees the world. Meeting her half way by getting to know her culture is the best thing you can do.

  1. While getting to know each other, both of you will have to put in some effort into making it all work, especially because of the cultural differences and although you are far from each other. That is one of those moments which create an irreplaceable bond between partners and that will remain such as it is.
  2. You will have two places to call home once you get married. And having friends and family is what makes one the richest person in the world.
  3. There are also all those surprises that come along with coming from a different culture, such as showing affection, showing emotions in some different way, with different intensity. That only brightens the horizon of things you can do for each other in order to show your love. Giving her a rose might be ordinary, but if you do something that is highly appreciated in her culture, that will let her know that you really care.Autumn leaves girl book casual

Besides butterflies and flowers, there are also some downsides in these type of relationships:

  1. There is language barrier at the very beginning. Sometimes it might seem as if she is speaking in her language only so you couldn’t understand her, and it can be really nerve-wracking.
  2. Also, there are cultural differences and habits that are hard to change, and that is exactly what might get on your nerves as well. Sometimes it might come to a situation you didn’t come across and that is pretty normal for her, or other way around.
  3. Another situation that is considered as a downside is that partners often don’t feel like at home when they are in country that the other one comes from. Being in different country and in different culture might have that effect on some people.
  4. Social life might take the fall for everything that is going on. Since different cultures have different views on friendships, there might be really big differences in the way each of partners see each others social life and each others friends.

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