Should you buy condoms while dating Ukrainian women?

The prices of condoms in Ukraine have increased A LOT since 2009. Experts are concerned about whether this would discourage people from using condoms during sexual intercourse and here are some valid reasons why men dating Ukrainian girls should definitely use condoms.

  • Condoms get rid of worry during intercourse. According to sexual psychology, women can only enjoy orgasm when the female brain is 100% relaxed. That’s why most women never achieve orgasm (not even once) in a lifetime. When a Ukrainian lady knows that a condom is used, she can relax more because she knows that STDs and unwanted pregnancies can be avoided with the help of the condom. Therefore, using condoms is paramount in this regard.
  • Condoms help you stimulate a Ukrainian beauty’s pussy better. Statistics show that most condoms are able to empower a man’s cock because the sensation felt by women is better when condoms are used. In other words, if you use a condom during intercourse, your Ukrainian girlfriend will achieve an orgasm more quickly, which is exactly what you want. Yes, condoms make you a better man!
  • Condoms allow you to last much longer. Because a condom makes your cock less sensitive to the stimulation of a Ukrainian stunner’s pussy, it takes longer for you to achieve an orgasm. That is to say, you will last longer if you use a condom during sexual intercourse. Isn’t that what you want?
  • Condoms give you more interesting ideas to play with. This is a true story: A girl from Ukraine looks very elegant during the daytime and becomes absolutely wild at night. When she hooks up with her lover, she oftentimes takes out a tray full of colourful condoms for the guy to choose while she is dressed up like a cocktail waitress. “Which one is your favourite dessert tonight?” – that’s her best line before foreplay starts. Indeed, condoms offer you a lot of interesting things to do in the bedroom. Also, nowadays many condoms have other functions as well, e.g. different flavours to satisfy blow jobs, different prints to further enhance stimulation inside a Ukrainian woman’s pussy, etc.
  • Don’t use a condom twice. Because condoms are so expensive in Ukraine these days, some people want to use a condom twice. But that’s a big mistake because a condom can only be used once; otherwise, it will lose its purpose and functionality.

Condoms are your best assistant in the bedroom!

  • Buy them in bulk. If you think condoms are really expensive in Ukraine, you can actually buy them in bulk. That will be much cheaper and affordable. When you buy condoms in bulk, remember to choose different designs, flavours and prints, so that you and your Ukrainian lover can enjoy more variety in bed. How exciting is that?!
  • Pay attention to different sizes of condoms. In Ukraine, you may see condoms that were produced in different countries. The truth is there are different sizes: Condoms that are made in western countries are usually bigger, whereas condoms made in Asia are smaller. As we all know, condoms made in Japan are outstanding in terms of quality, but usually those are the smallest of all. This is not racist (it’s not about whose cock is bigger or smaller); this is science – “bigger” isn’t necessarily “better” because “bigger” can mean “overwhelming” as well. Therefore, you’d better choose the right size for your cock – you don’t want to take a risk in Ukraine, right?
  • Most condoms are suitable for blow jobs, but some condoms aren’t designed for that purpose. Please note that not every brand offers condoms suitable for blow jobs, so you’d better do some research on the Internet before going to the supermarket today.

(Disclaimer: The content in this article is for general information purpose only. It should not replace medical/professional advice. If you need medical or professional advice, please see a doctor. Any consequences caused by taking action based on the information in this article are not the author’s or this website’s responsibilities.)

(written by Jade Seashell)

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