The ultimate checklist while looking for a Ukrainian bride

We are all familiar with checklists, e.g. shopping list, to-do list, etc. But do you know that you also need to have a checklist when you are looking for a Ukrainian wife?

  • Identify your own values. If you want to live a happy life, you must know who you are. In fact, your values tell you who you really are. Therefore, you can do a values test online and find out your top three values today. For instance, Mike’s top 3 values are: Knowledge, Experience and Connection; thus, when he was looking for a Ukrainian bride, he used his own values to filter Ukrainian women. He asked each Ukrainian lady that he met, “What are the last three books you read?” Some women replied, “I don’t read books; I only read fashion magazines.” So he knew those Ukrainian girls weren’t the right women he was looking for. Actually, he found his Ukrainian bride efficiently. That beauty from Ukraine’s answer to his question was, “I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Tara Button’s A Life Less Throwaway and Robert Greene‘s Mastery.” Obviously, this woman values knowledge and they turned out to be a perfect match.

Women love men with standards, so have some of those!

  • Clarify which items are must-haves and which items are negotiable. In your checklist, you can label essential items as non-negotiables, and other items can be negotiable. For example, on Mike’s checklist, his non-negotiables are: this Ukrainian beauty’s values must be compatible with his own values; she must be educated; she must be kind. His negotiable items are: this woman from Ukraine should be a blonde girl; she must be tall and slim; she should be under 30 years old. Apparently, when it comes to the debate regarding brains VS beauty, Mike knows what he really wants. Mike says, “Looking for a wife is different from looking for a lover. The negotiable items on my checklist were non-negotiables when I was looking for a lover. But now these items are negotiable. I think my wife must have brains because she is my life partner and will be the mother of my kids in the future.”
  • Stick to your checklist. This is a common scenario: A guy is looking for a girlfriend and he knows his standards. However, when an extremely hot woman appears, all his standards go out of the window. And that’s the most dangerous place to be. In fact, a lot of women use that strategy to date men out of their league. So, if you don’t want to be a victim like that, you should stick to your checklist and don’t compromise your standards for anyone who seems to be too hot to be true. Well, if a lady from Ukraine seems to be too hot to be true, then probably that’s untrue.
  • Make sure you are also what she is looking for. Yes, you’ve found the perfect Ukrainian bride who meets all your standards. But at the same time, you also need to make sure that you are what she is looking for. You can ask her what her expectations are and see if you can meet her expectations as well. Being honest with a potential girlfriend is always the best policy.

(Written by Jade Seashell)

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