Tips on dating Ukrainian women

Beautiful woman with evening make-up.

Winning a woman’s heart was always a mystery for guys. They are almost never certain on what they actually want and what are the things that matter, because every girl has different point of view and preferences. And when it comes to dating women from Ukraine, that becomes even harder for all those men from other countries, who are interested in them. So, that is why we have made a list of useful tips that might help when one decides to get in touch and date a lady that comes from Ukraine.





  1. Your appearance matters. When trying to get attention of an Ukrainian woman, have in mind that looks counts. These ladies have the reputation of waking up two or three hours earlier, just so they could put their make up on, get their hair done and get dressed properly before going out on the street. They look after their appearance pretty much and they expect nothing less from a man that they should date. Instead of wearing baggy pants, a size bigger t-shirt and sneakers, try putting on some more formal clothes that fit. Combine a fine good looking suit with a colored shirt and add some texture to the mix. Make sure to keep the suit as wrinkle-free as possible. Also, pay attention to your hair and beard/mustache (if you have any). Get a nice haircut, get your beard nicely groomed and put an effort into looking picture perfect. That way you will show her that you care about yours as well as her looks.
  1. Be a (gentle)man. Being a gentleman doesn’t only mean having nice manners, but also being a man, first and foremost. Ukrainian ladies love when a man has those “manly” characteristics, such as leadership skills, a bit of dominance, firm hand and being their provider as well as the protector. A man must also be able to show his emotions, which is what most of the “manly” men are conflicted with when getting to date Ukrainian ladies. And while taking her on a date, you can use your good manners, hold the car door for her, take her jacket- there isn’t a girl that doesn’t love those small but really meaningful gestures. You can also bring a rose to her at the beginning of your dating night. After all the attention you give to her, besides compliments on her looks, she will surely be on cloud nine.Girl, "young woman", beach, sand, waves, sea, "blue sea", laugh, smile, enthusiasm, joke, gesture, emotion, relaxation, fun, travel, "healthy lifestyle", summer, beauty, morning, happiness, enjoyment, youth, nature, blue, "shades of blue", water, beautiful, "get wet", posing, "positive emotions", sunlight, blond
  1. Get to know her world. Since she is coming form a totally different cultural background, make sure to get to know her culture, history of her country, maybe some basic phrases from her language or Russian. That is the key to get her off of her feet, that is for sure. By learning about her cultural background will not only earn you bonus points with her, but will also be useful when it comes to understanding some of her reactions in the future, which is crucial for the relationship or life together. After all, you might actually like her world and you might want to stay there for a longer period of time.
  1. Be honest and talk openly. Be sure to have a straight forward conversation with her from the very beginning. See where two of you have different opinions and try to solve all those situations with a nice honest conversation. Since her culture is different, as well as her way of living, try to accommodate a bit to that life style, but don’t forget that it goes in both ways, which means that she will also have to make some changes in her behavior. And as there are no double standards in Ukrainian culture, there is nothing these girls appreciate more than direct conversation and knowing where they stand with you.

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