Types of Ukrainian women you shouldn’t date part 1

DancingUkrainian women are sweet, caring and gentle. They look great, they are attractive and pretty. They are good mothers and wives, but there are some which just can’t be good dates and good marriage-material.

This article will deal with Ukrainian women you should definitely avoid while browsing a website of a dating agency. Read it carefully and learn the signs which tell you that you are dealing with someone who isn’t good enough for a life together with you.

Without any further ado, here is the list of Ukrainian women who won’t be good brides and whom you should avoid.



  1. Feminist

There is nothing wrong with being a feminist, but we are not writing about them right now. We are writing about the type of a feminist who blames all of her problems on men. Everything wrong with today’s society is to be blamed on the men – she actually believes that. She believes that women are special and better than men. She believes that everything would be better in the world if the presence of men got eliminated.

Avoid this type of a woman at all costs.

  1. Money-hungry

This type of a woman doesn’t necessarily have to be poor, but she expects that her good looks are a good enough reason to be showered in money. Her opinion is that a man should pay for absolutely everything and that he is less of a man if he doesn’t do it. Drinks, dinners, flowers, jewelry and a lot more. She expects you to pay for all of it. This type of a Ukrainian woman is a personification of greed. She doesn’t care about other people’s feelings; she is the only person who matters in the world.

It is hard to spot these kinds of women online, but as soon as you notice that she might be money-hungry, don’t think twice about running away.


  1. Princess

This type of woman might seem interesting at first, but don’t be fooled by her innocent looks and mannerism, she is spoiled and lives in the world of illusions.

This type of Ukrainian girl lives in the fantasy world of romantic movies, cartoons and books. She imagines herself as a Disney princess and expects to be swept off of her feet by a handsome prince on a white horse. Most of the time she is raised by rich parents who turned her into a “little princess”. She has no concept of how the real world functions, she expects to be pampered and taken care of, and she is awful at sex. Turn around, run away, and find someone else!

  1. Raging harpy

This type of a woman is similar to a feminist, but with even more hate for men. They only remember the bad things about their previous relationship, and to them all the men are pigs.

This type of a woman has a lot of pent up anger towards men, and that anger is waiting for just the right moment to explode.

Unless you enjoy lots of drama, stay clear away!

  1. Insecure girl

This type of a woman might seem to be pretty ukraine women at the start, but don’t let it fool you. Soon enough she will let her insecurities rise to the surface and take control of her.

You will have her calling you all the time to check up on you and to see whether you are serious about the relationship and whether you really like her.

She is very needy and clingy and always cries about how you will leave her for someone better.

This type of a girl worries just about everything there is to worry, hair, clothes, fingernails, shoes etc.

If you don’t have the patience for this type of a person, find someone else as soon as you notice the first symptoms.

Young Caucasian brunette with a heart

  1. Bitch

As soon as you read this word you realize that it can’t be anything good. This type of women is the worst amongst them all. This type of a person is unpleasant to be around and it is near impossible to tolerate them. This type of a woman only cares about herself; everyone else exists only to serve her. She doesn’t care if she hurts someone nor does she take other people’s feelings into consideration. This type of a Ukrainian woman usually looks gorgeous, but it doesn’t matter since she is a horrible person.

As soon as you notice her showing her mean, rude and evil side, run away.

We hope that this article helped you out with knowing what type of a Ukrainian woman to avoid. It isn’t hard to determine what kind of a person you are dealing with online, because sooner or later their true personality gets revealed.

Good luck and be on the lookout.

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  • Martin Archer says:

    Most Ukrainian women are trouble, Russian women have better morals, looks and are usually smarter. Virtually all successful Ukrainian men have foreign wives, only City in Ukrainian worth giving the time of day to their women would be Lviv.

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