Types of Ukrainian women you shouldn’t date part 2

Beautiful woman exercising with ballIn the previous article we wrote about 6 types of Ukrainian women you should avoid at all costs. If you thought that it was the end, you were mistaken. There are still more types of girls to cover, and we are going to do it in this article.

Remember that Ukraine women are generally sweet, gentle and very loveable, but there are ones which are different. This article will focus on more types of Ukrainian women which you are advised to avoid.

  1. Wounded

This type of a woman had some kind of a problem with relationships in the past. Someone managed to hurt her a lot, and everything she does nowadays is sulk and lament. This type of a woman wasn’t lucky with the previous relationships and her subconscious is fighting against her. She doesn’t even know it, but she sabotages and avoids new relationships to avoid getting hurt.

She will show interest in you, but soon enough she will run away and leave you alone. This type of a Ukrainian woman sends mixed messages, she will even flirt with you, but as soon as things start getting more serious, she will disappear.

It is hard to notice this type of a woman, but if you manage to do it, it is better if you leave her alone.


  1. Narcissus

Remember the “bitch” we have written about in the previous article? This one is similar to her, but is different enough to warrant her own bullet-point.

Just like the man from the Greek mythology was in love with himself, the same is true about this type of Ukrainian woman.

She doesn’t care about anyone else but herself. She is self-indulgent and selfish. This type of a lady was raised as “daddy’s girl” and thinks that she is entitled to anything she sets her mind off.

Relationship with this kind of a woman is living hell because she will never give you the attention you deserve. Unless you are fond of spoiled woman, stay away!


  1. Tease

This type of a woman is fairly easy to spot because she flirts with everyone. She enjoys the knowledge that she makes men want her, and that’s the only thing she enjoys. She never goes past the seduction phase. This type of a woman will do anything to get your attention, because that’s exactly what she craves. She enjoys being noticed and she wants to be treated like a goddess.

Best thing to do is to ignore her. Not only will you save yourself a lot of trouble, you will make her angry as well, and it is a nice feeling to know that you made a bad person feel bad.

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  1. Con

This type of a woman has an agenda and she will do anything to achieve it. She will tell you exactly what you would like to hear and will use it to make you fall in love with her. Her only goal is to marry someone who will then be forced to take care of her. As soon as the marriage is done, the truth comes out and she shows her true face. This type of a Ukrainian woman will turn into an evil hag overnight. She will control you and will always want for things to be like she wants them to be.

Always try to get the woman a bit better before pursuing a life together with her.

  1. Taskmaster

This type of a lady is all about control, hence the name taskmaster. Her mission is to control every aspect of your life. She will forbid you to do certain things, see certain people and wear certain clothes. This woman enjoys using whatever it takes to have thing the way she wants them. If you try to tell her something about it, you will be in a world of hurt. She will scream, overreact, be dramatic, and cut off sex and every other tool in a desperate woman’s arsenal.


Now that you know what types of Ukrainian women to avoid, go out there and find a good, charming woman who will enjoy spending her time with you and who won’t play any silly games. Remember that you always have to be careful, and that you should get to know someone well before deciding to start a serious relationship with them.

Source – http://www.tryukraine.com/society/women.shtml

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