Ukrainian brides are still in top ten lists in popularity among single foreign men.

These tips are addressed primarily to the Western men. However, if you, too, are having difficulties in finding your second half, it is quite possible they will be useful to you when you plan your next vacation. Especially since most of the countries are located next to each other.

1. Ukraine

If you are single- welcome to Ukraine! This is a country of very pretty women. The country is safe enough to travel, despite recent political events. There are fewer men than women there, so it will be easy for to find a life partner. However, it can be done online, just spend a couple of minutes for registration on the website of ukrainian dating agency

2. Estonia
Estonia is the Baltic country located in Eastern Europe. It is a country of blue-eyed blondes.
Despite their beauty, there are a lot of single women, since their number is much greater than the number of men.

3. Georgia
Georgian girls are very shy at first. However, you should spend a little time with them to learn more about them and their openness. In addition, they are also quite attractive.

4. Puerto Rico
There are many island nations in the world, but not every one of them can make boast of beautiful ukraine women.
Puerto Rico is a place where you will constantly meet attractive girls! You can not only enjoy the climate and the nature of this country, but also find out how friendly local women are.Foreigners are always welcome, because local women find them very attractive.

5. Belarus
This is another Eastern European country, full of sexy, but lonely girls. As the number of men is much less than the number of women, you can easily find a soul mate.

6. Lithuania
Lithuania is a small country with a rich history, customs and traditions. Girls who live there are extremely beautiful. The genes inherited from their Slav and North European ancestors influenced on the stunning beauty of Lithuanian girls.

7. Bosnia
Just few of us have ever heard about Bosnia, not that many people visited this country. But those who have ever been there know that there are plenty of single women. And the country itself, and the girls who live there are very impressive.

8. Croatia
The Balkans are proud of the little country called Croatia. Visit it to enjoy the nature and relax by the sea. Who knows, maybe on the beach you will get acquainted with a girl who is also looking for a life partner.

Surprisingly, this list does not include Russia. Apparently booming Russian brides are not that popular anymore, and single men turned their attention to a more peaceful and quiet young women from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. However, the ratings are not always accurate.

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