Ukrainian family traditions

ukrainabrideFinding the perfect Ukrainian bride is just half of the task. Another part is building a long-term relationship and making sure that the two of you can create a family. There are several different factors that will influence it: whether you will accept each other culture, if the woman will be able to fit in your life and how your family and her closest ones will react to it. To be more successful in this process it is good to know about traditions and relationships in the Ukrainian family.

Relationship  with the in-laws

The mother and the father of a Ukrainian girl often play an important role in her life. Of course, the family situations can be very different. But usually, if they come from a nice family, Ukrainian ladies have a very close contact with their parents. In fact, your mother-in-law can play quite an important role in your family life. The parents in Eastern Europe are rather overprotective and they often don’t want to give up their parenting efforts even if their children have grown up. So be ready that your future wife will also have a mother that would be calling her ten times a day and giving her a lot of useful advice about marriage. You will have to learn how to deal with that. If you would feel that this is really annoying for you, then you should rather be honest and talk about it with your partner. It is also good if you could get to know your in-laws better. Of course, it is complicated, because most of the older people in Ukraine do not speak any English or other languages except Ukrainian and maybe Russian. They grew up in the Soviet Union without opportunities to travel and practice the languages. Hopefully, your girlfriend will be able to translate.

Man is the decision maker in the house

Ukrainian women like when the man makes the rules. Do not get it wrong – there are thousands of households in Ukraine that are ruled by the Mom of the house. The man is the head, and the wife is the neck, as they say. And sometimes the wife is both the head and the neck. However, traditionally the man is considered to be in charge of the family. If you show the kind of leadership qualities, that makes a Ukrainian girl believe that you could be such a man, it really turns them on. They are taught that a man should be able to defend his family, but the reality is that many Ukrainian men are failing in this aspect. So if she sees a trustworthy and a strong man in you, then she is much more eager to share not only her bed, but her life with you.


Important days

It is good to be prepared up front and to be aware which of the holidays are the most important in Ukrainian family life. For example, the biggest difference between Western Europe and Ukraine is the timing of Christmas. Whether or not they truly believe in God, for them, Christmas Eve is on January the 6th. However, many Ukrainian women have already adapted to the Western tradition to celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December. For those who do not go to church much, New Year’s Eve might be an even more important holiday. The good thing about it is that it is still on the same day as in the rest of the world. Ukrainians like to celebrate it big. They usually gather with the family or with a bigger group of friends. For Ukrainian ladies, the most important holiday of the year is the Women’s Day on the 8th of March. That is when you have to show her a lot of love and attention. You should definitely have flowers and gifts ready for her. If you also take her out to a fancy place, she will think you are a perfect man.

Other traditions

Among the other important things in the family are the meals. In the Ukrainian family it is common to eat the main meal of the day together. The food is usually prepared by the mother. Ukrainians are not that fond of ordering food or buying it ready. It is ok to consume alcoholic beverages with the food. Some families have their homemade spirits. It is totally normal to have a couple shots of vodka, or as they call it in Ukraine – “gorilka” during the meal. In Southern Ukraine people also drink homemade wine. Although the relationships between the family members are very close, the respect for older people is highly important. In some families they would even use the You-form to show the respect when addressing parents or grandparents. Ukrainian women are always helpful towards their older family members.


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