Ukrainian ladies and their customs and traditions

Shoping lady checking her smartphoneSince every culture has its own traditions and way of living, it is important to get to know them all before deciding to get involved with a person from that country. Their customs and traditions not only matter as a sign of respect, but are also important because of the way of seeing the world. It all affects a person’s way of taking the information and going through various situations in a certain way. That is why, before getting attached to an Ukrainian girl, there are a few things that are good to know in order to understand them better.

First thing that should be stressed out is, that Ukrainian culture is a bit different from most of the western and eastern cultures. That can be seen in the way these girls dress, behave, in the way they interact with the guys, as well as in what they expect from them.

Dressing up and looking good is one of the most important things for Ukrainian women. They tend to spend several hours in front of the mirror in order to look perfect, as they do. What people in western culture might call “dressing like a prostitute” and people in eastern culture couldn’t even imagine of seeing on their women, for Ukrainian women is a totally normal thing. Their clothes is always tight, shows some skin and tends to get mens attention at all times, or whenever they can. It might sound strange, but for them, it’s something they do every day. Also, if you spot girls and lads flirting and that gets your attention, that is also a part of their normal life. Dressing up to attract the men and flirting with them is pretty usual for Ukrainian girls. And what you might also notice, is that most of them look really good. They are handsome, attractive and toned. That is explained with the fact that most of Ukrainian ladies tend to workout a lot and walk, so even if they do get some weight, they still look great. The same expectations they have when it comes to how men look and which type will attract them. Men also have to pay attention to their appearance. Ukrainian men tend to dress up more formally. They don’t like wearing baggy clothes or dressing up like a slob, in clothes that is a few sizes bigger. You can almost always see them wearing clothes that fit and matching their shoes with their suits. Adding some color and some textures to their clothing style is considered something extra great. And unlike men in some other cultures, they groom their beards/mustache and get their haircuts done regularly. After all, they have to meet the expectations of ladies they want to attract.


Other thing that is important in their culture are social roles that are taken by both of genders. Generally speaking, they don’t have those strict roles and harsh moral prohibitions, so both genders tend to take on the roles from other cultures. Usually, they are the most comfortable with those social roles that might come from very traditional countries, as in eastern cultures. Men are expected to provide for finances and bring the dinner to the table, as well as be leaders, when there is a need for that also dominant, and simply said, be the protectors. That why it is expected from a man to pay for everything while going out on dates with a lady. On the other hand, it is expected of a woman to be a good wife and a mother, to stay at home and raise the kids. And these ladies seem more than great with that kind of lifestyle. Since a man is to provide for almost everything they need, they have no problem in staying at home and cooking meals, cleaning the house etc.

When it comes to relationships and dating, the majority of Ukrainian women prefer dating the old regular way- face to face. Romantic dinners and compliments make their hearts skip a beat. Still, there are some girls that originate from Ukraine that love living a bit more modern and starting their relationships on line, through on line dating sites. Video chatting and regular chatting is just as serious for them as the face to face dating. And when it comes to getting into a real relationship, the biggest percentage of them likes getting into traditional relationships. That means, in the most of the cases, that it will end up in marriage, so dating presents a step towards marriage for them.

With those information in mind, be sure to explore the life in the way they live it and try as much as you can to get accustomed to their lifestyle. That will certainly bring you closer.

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