Ukrainian ladies: culture and customs

Portrait of a young beautiful redheaded girlOn line dating has become a worldwide trend in the last couple of years. As almost anyone has the access to the internet, there are more and more possibilities to cross the borders and search for the soul mate you are looking for on a worldwide level. And in the sea of women, Ukrainian ladies have become popular as dates and women that have the reputation of gorgeous housewives. And here is something that will clarify why is that so.

In the first place, Ukrainian ladies are raised in different culture and environment. Unlike most of other countries, which have strict traditions and norms, in Ukraine there aren’t moral norms that prohibit most of things that considered as taboo topics in other countries. For example, there is very flirtatious behavior on the streets and in the bars and pubs. Ukrainian women aren’t suppressed by double standards that often appear in most of the cultures. That means that women in Ukraine can express their sexuality as the men do, they aren’t taught they have to stay virgins until they are married, and they are free to enjoy in engaging in physical relationships before marriage. They can also take on a very active attitude towards dating and approaching when it comes to getting to know someone and starting a relationship. That might seem like very over the top and inappropriate behavior for most of the men from the West and for all men from the East, who are used to the way society looks on their women. But, in Ukraine, these kind of actions are seen as a positive thing in the society.

Secondly, there is the way they look and time and effort they put into it. Besides having the natural beauty, Ukrainian ladies really put an effort into looking amazing as they do. They tend to walk a lot and work out. That is why they don’t look chubby even if they gain some weight. And when it comes to getting ready to go out, Ukrainian women are willing to spend hours in front of the mirror in order to get their make up and hair done to the perfection. They dress up pretty provocative, one would say “femme fatal” kind of clothing. Revealing their curved figures and showing some skin is also part of the seduction and their culture.


In the third place, there is what they expect of men during the dating process and in marriage. As there are no gender confusions in their social life, and there is no fear of getting attacked, as that is the case in western countries, Ukrainian girls and men are taking on the gender roles they find most suitable to their needs. Those roles usually come from other, more traditional countries and cultures, but they find themselves pretty comfortable. While men are expressing their dominance and strength through working and providing with finances and emotional support, women are often stay at home moms and are taking care of house and kids. During the dating period, a man is expected to pay for everything. So, it is no wonder that they expect the same type of behavior from all the men they date with. To men from western cultures, who are used to seeing women that are more independent, Ukrainian ladies might come off as if the only thing they have in minds is how to use them and take advantage of their financial situation, which is far away from truth.

And, in the end, it is also important to mention that Ukrainian ladies are often described as more feminine and gentle than the women from other cultures. Some of their customs may seem really odd at first, but make sure to give them a chance, you might find yourself loving them in the end.

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