Ukrainian matchmaking agencies

portrait of a young womanFinding the soul mate has always been difficult. And today, with the technology as advanced as it is, more and more people is looking for an easier way to get to know someone without getting attached and hurt. That is where agencies that provide services of finding the right partners come to the picture. In Ukraine, matchmaking is really great business and it is pretty popular.

There are two kinds of matchmaking agencies in Ukraine:




  1. ones which have a website on the internet
  2. ones that have old traditional paper databases

On line matchmaking agencies

When it comes to on line matchmaking agencies, there are lots of them on the internet. And each and every one of them offers the same services- matching you up with your soul mate and enabling you living the rest of your life happily. First thing that you see when you come across one of these sites is that most of them are really easy to navigate. You can instantly see how easy it is to figure out what to do first. Setting up an account is the first thing one should do, as well as filling in some personal data. That way, you can get profiles of women from their data base highlighted based on what you like and don’t like, based on what you search for in a woman from personal characteristics, or some other preferences. Also, you can do the searching by yourself. By using filters, such as place of birth, place of living, age, hair color, etc, you can get various results. After that comes getting in touch with that lady and  getting to know her.

On line matchmaking agencies have both pros and cons when it comes to using them. Positive side of dating through on line matchmaking agency is that you can easily find a girl that likes the same things as you do and you can balance out working and dating her. Also, you get to focus your attention more to her personality and getting to know her better. The negative about this way of dating is you can’t always be sure that it’s her on the other side of the screen. There are lots of cons that are looking to take advantage of men who are dating on line. Or, sometimes, girls don’t possess the qualities they put in their description box. That is why anyone, who is using an on line dating, should be careful about who he is chatting with and not to send money or gifts.

matchmaking agencies

Regular matchmaking agencies

Regular way of finding the significant other is done like in the old days. You can come to their office, fill in some questionnaires or get interviewed, depending on their way of working and get into the system. For some people this way of getting matched is more comfortable and pleasant. But, there are some negative sides to it. First of all, if you are trying to find a soul mate in Ukraine, you have to be in Ukraine in order to get to an agency like this. That might not be possible for some people. Then, there is their data base. It is as in library- papers and files. And it doesn’t get updated often enough, so it might occur that a girl, that is registered as single, got married a long ago or is dating someone. But, if you are willing to give it a try, there is nothing better than getting to know Ukraine with your own eyes.

And besides these matchmaking agencies, it still happens from time to time that men come to Ukraine and end up empty-handed. That is because they come with certain expectations and when they aren’t met, they aren’t satisfied. But, that has nothing to do with matchmaking agencies, it has to do with cultural differences.

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