Unconventional Ukrainian dating advice: Skills required during a divorce

Breakup and divorce aren’t the most pretty topics in the dating world, so many experts don’t want to talk about it. But in fact, this is probably one of the most important topics in present-day society where the divorce rate is so high. Honestly, the end of a relationship is also a key part of the relationship. Also, ending a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is bad; divorce doesn’t mean the marriage has definitely failed; being married forever doesn’t always mean the marriage is successful either.

Divorce isn’t for the faint-hearted.

  • Are you resouceful? Only resourceful people can go through divorce with strength and confidence. If you have no understanding of family law and how Ukrainian women operate, then you are not ready because you aren’t resourceful enough yet. At least one year before the divorce, you should begin to study family law in detail, i.e. how property settlement works, what the divorce process looks like, child support rules, etc. Actually, no matter you plan to divorce your Ukrainian wife or not, you would be well-advised to know more about family law just in case.
  • Are you mentally tough? It seems that men aren’t as mentally healthy as women, as evidenced by the fact that the suicide rate amongst men is much higher than that of women & the majority of crimes are commited by men. Therefore, if you aren’t mentally tough, you are definitely not ready for a divorce. So, it’s time to read some books about mental health (ACT & CBT strategies) before deciding to divorce your Ukrainian lady.
  • How much does she know? Apart from analysing family law and your mental health, you also need to undertand your Ukrainian partner well if you want to be successfully divorced. Does she know how much money you have? Is she the kind of person who will ask for your money when you leave her? Can she support herself financially after the divorce? How about her attitude towards children? Can she handle the divorce well? Will she threaten you if you want to leave her? Will she stalk you in the future? Is she mentally stable? Will she become your long-term nightmare in the future?
  • Do you have a backup plan? You need to figure out at least two exit strategies. You either leave her or make her want to leave you. Many men choose the second option, i.e. making their wives want to leave them. That usually works pretty well because most women tend to react better in that way. In terms of this option, there are some methods: 1) You can become cold and withdraw your attention from her so that she will want validation from somewhere else. 2) You can stop having sex with her so that she will look for intimacy elsewhere. 3) You can get another guy to seduce her so that she will tell you to fuck off. Well, these all sound slightly crazy, but if you try Option 1, i.e. you leave her, you’ll probably know what’s really crazy.

(Written by Jade Seashell)

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