What (not) to do on a date with Ukrainian woman

Sporty girl at fitness clubWhen it comes to dating, every culture has its own way of seeing it and dealing with some of the problems that might come along. And when you decide to date a girl from Ukraine, that might get taken to another level, because of the cultural differences between you two. So, here are some useful information about what you should and what you should never do when going on a date with a woman from Ukraine.

The first tip is to pay attention to your looks. Generally looking, Ukrainian girls tend to dedicate really a lot of time to the way they look, and when it comes to men, it is normal that they expect the same type of behavior. Make sure to get a nice haircut, to get your beard or mustache groomed properly (if you have them) and to look tidy, altogether. Also, don’t wear baggy clothes from western cultures that was influenced by pop-culture. That doesn’t attract ladies from Ukraine. Men in Ukraine lean towards more business-type of clothing and they are paying attention to the colors and textures when they dress up. Most of Ukrainian ladies are used to that way of dressing, and it is easier to get them attracted looking like that.

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Second, be a gentleman. Take her to a nice restaurant and make a romantic atmosphere. Make her feel comfortable and special. Bringing a rose to your date will certainly give her the feeling that you really like her. When getting into the restaurant, get her coat and make sure to pull her chair as she sits down. These small gestures are useful when you want to make an impression, and this is one of those situations where you don’t want to fail.

Third thing you should have on your mind is that in Ukraine, it is an usual behavior that a man pays for the bills. Especially when he takes a lady on a date. It is something a gentleman does. Also, it is expected of a man in their culture to take on the role of the protector as well as the provider. Their social roles dictate the unwritten rules and if you are looking to win her over, make sure to take her to a nice dinner and to pay the whole thing. What you shouldn’t do is to tell her how much her half of the check is or to ask her to pay for your dinner.


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The next important thing is the choice of topics to talk about while on a date. Since it is a different culture, you can never know what kind of topics are the ones you should not mention, but there are some guidelines. Try not to start talking about things you don’t know for certain, such as politics or some critical topics you hear about on the news. Media aren’t always right. Instead of that, try to get her to talk about herself, her way of living, the customs in her country. That will give you a head start, you will have enough time to see what kind of topics she is interested in, and you will get to know her better, as well as her country. Also, being a good listener is something every woman appreciates. And you can always throw in your admiration on how great she looks. That will certainly make her heart beating faster.

After the date is over, make sure to accompany her home, driving her with your own car or by taxi. Either way, put an effort into winning her over and she will certainly know to appreciate that.


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