What not to do when dating Ukrainian women

Snow queenAs much as you would like to think that dating Ukrainian women is simple, we have to shatter that illusion and show you that it isn’t. While it isn’t simple, it doesn’t mean that it’s hard. It takes a little bit of patience and sacrifice, but what does not?

All good things are worth the sacrifice and the same goes for lovely Ukrainian women.

This article will help you out with the first date with a Ukrainian woman; it will teach you what not to do and how to avoid making mistakes.

  1. Boring conversations

Do not talk about politics on the first date; it might lead to misunderstandings, so just avoid it.

Do not talk about the economy back home, no Ukrainian lady finds it interesting.

Do not talk about religion. Even though Ukrainian people are religious, it is a tricky subject, it would be better to simply avoid it.

  1. No flowers

You are thinking about showing up on a date with a Ukrainian girl without bringing flowers? What’s wrong with you?

Every Ukrainian woman respects a gentleman and is searching for a gentleman. If they see you show up for the first date without any flowers, they will think less of you, and you wouldn’t want that.

Remember that you should bring an odd number of flowers, because an even number is meant for funerals.

  1. Shoddy clothes

You wouldn’t believe how many men make this mistake. Just because you don’t care about how you are dressed it doesn’t mean that Ukrainian women don’t care as well.

Every woman likes to see a sharp dressed man who is well groomed and clean.

You should also wear clothes befitting of your age.

You should think of it as some sort of a job interview. Dress well for the first date, and see how she reacts to it. You could even ask her whether she likes the way you are dressed. It will help you think about what to wear on the next date.


  1. Don’t be stingy

You flew to a far away country only to take your Ukrainian date to MC Donald’s? What were you thinking?

This doesn’t mean that you should take her to the most expensive restaurant out there, but you shouldn’t take her out to a cheap pizzeria as well.

This is your first date, you have to impress. Trust us; you won’t impress anyone by being stingy. If you could spend money to come to Ukraine, you better be prepared to spend some more to impress.

  1. Calling her a “mail order bride”

Never ever make this mistake!

She will be insulted and she will cut the date short. No woman wants to be treated like a stereotype, the same goes for Ukrainian women. Calling a woman a “mail order bride” is a direct insult to her morals and ethics.

If you never want to hear from her again, then by all means, call her that way, but if you want to have a successful date – never call her that way.

You should use her real name, practice the correct pronunciation and she will greatly appreciate it.

We hope that you will find this article useful and that you won’t have any problems on your first date with beautiful Ukrainian singles.

Good luck, and keep these tips on your mind at all times.

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