What to watch out for if you decide to marry a younger Ukrainian bride

I have repeatedly received a question from men looking for Ukrainian brides: “I’m going to marry my Ukrainian girlfriend, but is there anything that I need to watch out for?” The answer is yes.

Consider signing a pre-nup with your Ukrainian bride. If you have already built your savings at this stage, you must learn how to protect your assets now. Signing a pre-nup is beneficial in three ways: 1) if you have adult children, they are more likely to support this marriage because they know your new wife is not a gold-digger; 2) you will be able to relax because you know the pre-nup protects your money; 3) your Ukrainian wife will be less stressed because she knows nobody is judging her for marrying you.

Consider modifying your Will. Do you know that in most western countries, your new wife automatically enters your Will? Yes, that’s true. Therefore, you’d better ask a lawyer to help you in this regard if you don’t want your Ukrainian woman to enter your Will automatically. In this way, you can make sure that your chilren will get your wealth in the future.

Her motive is more important than her behaviour.

Consider having different bank accounts. Yes, as a married couple, you and your Ukrainian lady should have a joint bank account to merge your finances. But at the same time, it would be even better if both of you have your own individual personal bank accounts as well. That’s because if you have to pay child support from a previous marriage, it’s easier if you use the money in your personal bank account to do that. Similarly, if your Ukrainian girl wants to go shopping, she can also use the money in her own bank account. In this way, you will have less arguments and more happy time together. Of course, in terms of the joint bank account, you also need to clarify how much money both of you contribute to this account because marriage is a partnership (it’s not an arrangement or a hookup). You have married your partner, not your sugar baby. As a result, she should also contribute to the joint bank account. Besides, you would be well-advised to specify which expenses should be paid by your joint account (e.g. the Internet, electricity, water, gas, telephone and other household expenditure).

Ask whether she wants to have a job or not. Not every Ukrainian beauty wants to work after getting married because they have very traditional values. Hence, it is your responsibility to figure out whether your Ukrainian stunner wants to find a job or not after marrying you. If she doesn’t want to find employment after getting married and you can’t support her financially, then you shouldn’t marry her in the first place. Also, if she wants to keep her job after getting married, you need to ask her why she wants to keep working because her motive is more important than her behaviour. Some Ukrainian women want to keep their jobs because they want to utilise their skills and knowledge; some Ukrainian ladies want to keep their jobs because they want to be able to leave their husbands any time.

(written by Jade Seashell)

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